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If you are a college student, then during your academic journey you will be often asked to submit various assignments and research projects. But before you begin your research projects, you will have to prepare a research proposal. In general, It is a brief writing that explains the things that you have planned to cover in your research project. Mostly, you will be required to write a proposal for your bachelor’s or master’s degree thesis, dissertation, or any other research work.

For conducting a large research project, a great research idea and reliable methods to execute that idea alone are not enough. More than that, funding is important to complete research work. Basically, getting funds for the research activity is not easy. So, in order to get financial support for a research project, you must prepare and submit a well-crafted research proposal to a sponsor.

Also, at times certain higher educational institutes may ask you to produce a research proposal as a part of their postgraduate application process. Be it a studentship or a funded research project, when needed you should write a clear proposal in a way to convince the funders, supervisors, or research organizations.

As the research proposal has many purposes and benefits, it is necessary for every student to know how to write a research proposal. If you have no idea about it, then continue reading this blog post. Here, we have provided the steps for writing a winning research proposal and some important research proposal writing tips.

Just explore this simple guide and get a better understanding of the research proposal.

What is Research Proposal?

A research proposal is a simple document that will give a complete overview of a research topic, the purpose of conducting research, the time and costs for the research, and the innovative methods to solve a research problem or question.

In simple terms, a research proposal is a document that you have to prepare before you start your research process. The document is nothing but a research plan that will guide you throughout the research work. You can also call a research proposal a ‘request for research funding’. Mainly, to seek funds from educational organizations, research centers, or any relevant organizations, you can craft a research proposal. Note that writing a research proposal is also one of the important parts of the postgraduate application process.

In the academic circle, the purpose of writing a research proposal is vast. Till now, we saw the definition of a research proposal. In the next section, let us have a look at its purposes, goals, and benefits.

Purpose and Significance

The ultimate goal of a research proposal is to persuade a sponsor that your research project is worth funding. So, when writing a proposal, you should clearly specify to your funders what your research project is all about. Also, it should help your funders to take a decision on whether to invest in your research or not.

Remember, the research proposal document you create should be in the following aspects.

  • It should convince your readers that your project is original and essential for the research field you are working in.
  • The research proposal should portray your familiarity and experience in a particular research field.
  • The document should explain your research methodology.
  • The research plan should list the tools and procedures you plan to use for collecting and analyzing research data.
  • It should focus on the practical side of your project.
  • The proposal should contain details of the estimated time and financial costs for the research.


Research Proposal

How to Write a Research Proposal?

Below we have explained the steps for writing a research proposal. If you are asked to come up with a research proposal for your project, then this is what you should do.

Find your research topic

Before you begin writing your research proposal, first, you should know what topic to write about. When selecting a topic, always go with the one that has high scope for discussion and arguments. Note that, the topic you choose should fill the knowledge gap.


After identifying a research or dissertation topics, proceed to brainstorm. While brainstorming, take a piece of paper and note down all the important sentences and ideas that come to your mind. This hint-taking process is called pre-writing. At the time of pre-writing, you can gain more ideas relevant to your research question.

Prepare Notes

After your brainstorming session, refer to various academic sources such as books, research papers, scientific journals, etc. relevant to your research topic. Then, from the sources, collect the necessary data that you need for performing research. While referring to the academic materials, be certain to prepare notes and annotations. Notes-taking will help you to eliminate irrelevant ideas. Also, if your notes are clear, then you can very well structure your thoughts and organize your research neatly without any chaos.

Craft an Outline

Next, with the help of the notes prepared, write a well-structured research proposal outline. The outline will mostly act as the guide for your proposal document. So, if you want to craft a good research proposal, then sketch the outline properly. Because, by using the well-defined research proposal outline, you can effortlessly cover all the major points without missing any.

Build the Content

After you have crafted the outline relevant to your research topic, start writing the proposal document. While you write the research plan, keep in mind to address it to the target readers as per their interest. For writing a convincing research proposal, you can very well make use of the outline that you have prepared. But when you develop the content for your research proposal, present your points in a standard format, and then structure it properly. The research proposal document you prepare should mainly contain details about your research methods, research design, timeline and budget, and data collection procedures.

Proofread and Edit

You can’t receive funds for your project if your research proposal is full of flaws. So, once you complete writing your research proposal, remember to proofread and check for errors in your draft. For proofreading, you can also take help from any experts or your friends. When you proofread, revise the text completely and edit the errors, if there are any. The final draft of your research proposal that is ready for submission should be flawless.


Steps for Writing a Research Plan

Developing the content for a research proposal is one of the challenging tasks. Here, in brief, we have listed the important steps for writing a research plan. When you are given a task to prepare a research proposal, make sure to execute them in order and cover all the important sections.

  1. Firstly, identify a research area or topic for your investigation.
  2. Secondly, study the literature relevant to the topic. In this step, take notes of the purpose and findings of each study.
  3. Explore and identify the gap in the literature.
  4. Prepare a purpose statement.
  5. Frame a research question and hypotheses.
  6. Craft an introductory paragraph.
  7. Outline your research methods.
  8. Specify your research design.
  9. Mention your data collection procedures.
  10. Provide a budget and timeline.


Research Proposal

Structure and Format

By now you would have got a better understanding of how to write a research proposal. But remember, having a basic knowledge of a research proposal alone will not help you to create a convincing document. Mainly, to prepare a winning research proposal, you should present the relevant content in a standard format. If you prepare a well-structured research proposal, then your chance of getting approval for funding will raise. So, structure your proposal document as per the defined writing guidelines.

Usually, the writing guidelines and research proposal format will vary depending upon the colleges or universities. Also, you can find certain variations in the section division and name too. But the standard research proposal document you create should include the below-mentioned elements.


For a research proposal, a valid title relevant to the research question or topic is necessary. So, identify a good title. The title you choose should be clear and not vague. As the title is the first thing that your readers notice, be careful with your title selection. Your title should be interesting, catchy, and informative. When you pick a title, make sure to concentrate on the word length. A good research proposal title should not exceed 10 words.


In the research proposal document, the abstract is one of the important sections. Usually, it comes after the title page. Here, in this section, you should present an outline of your research topic and the research methods you have planned to use. In other words, you can call an abstract a short summary of a research proposal. Mainly, the abstract section you prepare should summarize what you are going to cover in the proposal document. Also, it should contain details about your research aims and objectives.


It is the opening part of a research proposal. In the introduction section, you should concisely explain to your readers the research topic, background of the topic, problem statement, and the significance of the research.

Literature Review

It is another major section of the research proposal. Here, you should give an overview of already published research papers in the field. Mostly, the literature review section will help you to showcase your expertise in the research field to your readers. When writing a literature review, do not copy-paste the opinions of other persons. You should compare and contrast the important theories and methods, evaluate the pros and cons of different methods and then explain how your research will challenge the work of others. While writing this section, use simple language to present your ideas, or else it will become tough for your readers to understand the topic. Also, never overload your readers with a lot of information.


This section is the soul of the research proposal. Here, you should state the research methods that you have selected to use for obtaining research results. Typically, this section should focus on the research type and research methods that you intend to use for data collection and analysis. Especially when writing the methodology section, describe the entire approach that you have planned to handle the research questions. Never list the methods that you have decided to use. Give a detailed explanation of why the research method that you have chosen is valid, appropriate, and reliable to solve your research problem.

Potential Research Implications

If your research broadens the existing knowledge in your academic discipline, then obviously your research project will have some implications for the future. In this section, you should mainly highlight how your research results will influence your research area. Also, you should explain the possible ways that future researchers can follow to expand your research project.


If you need funding for your research project, then while preparing a proposal document, make sure to add a detailed budget report on how much it will cost to complete a research project. Also, along with the budget details, provide a valid justification for your cost estimation. Whenever you create a research project budget, take into account the travel costs, materials, and assistance.

Research Schedule

In a research proposal document, both the budgeting and research schedule sections are important. So, while writing this section, make sure to provide the timeline of various stages that are involved in the research process starting from the literature review to the final revision of the thesis. If you want your readers to understand the feasibility of your project, clearly prepare the research schedule in a tabular format. In particular, when sending an academic proposal to an educational institution, make sure to mention the duration of the study. Mostly, a full-time research study needs 3 years and a part-time research study requires 6 years for completion.


At the end of your research proposal, prepare a references list or add the citations for all the sources you have used. As there are different citation formats available, when writing a bibliography, make a note to follow your research paper writing guidelines or the format of your university or professor.

Points to Remember While Writing a Research Proposal

Listed below is some important research proposal writing tips that would help you to prepare a neat proposal. If you want to convince your target readers, then when writing a proposal for your research project, make sure to follow them all and structure your content accordingly.

  1. Know your target audience and craft the content in a way to attract them.
  2. Adhere to the research proposal writing instructions of the university.
  3. Use confident language and avoid jargon.
  4. Keep the writing simple and as brief as possible.
  5. Never use a tentative or hesitant tone in your proposal.
  6. Prepare the content in a readable format.
  7. Have a clear title matching your research topic.
  8. Divide the larger text into headings and sub-headings. Prefer bullet points for numbering.
  9. The length of the research proposal should be 7 pages with nearly 2000 to 3500 words.
  10. Add page numbers on each page.
  11. For easy navigation of the readers, try to include the table of contents on the front page.
  12. Never fail to cite relevant sources.
  13. Avoid focusing on minor issues. Concentrate only on the major issues in the proposal.
  14. Make a strong argument for your research and demonstrate that your research is feasible.
  15. Review the proposal multiple times before submission.

Wrapping Up

To craft a good research proposal, follow the steps and tips mentioned in this blog post. Most importantly, while writing a proposal for your research, always stick to the standard format of a proposal and structure your ideas coherently. Note that your research plan will be approved, only if it is meaningful without any errors. So, once you complete your research proposal writing, before submission, proofread and fix the errors in it.

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