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Economics Dissertation Topics


Economics is a division of social science that studies how humans interact with respect to value. The subject primarily focuses on the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. Also, the field of study covers the issues that affect the financial state of a country, a company, or an individual. If you are doing a degree in economics, then you must submit an economics dissertation as a part of your course. It will be your final assignment in which you should work on any economics dissertation topics to get your graduation.

Basically, to write a winning dissertation, a good topic and excellent content are necessary. Right now, are you looking for ways to prepare an effective economics dissertation? Do you want the best economics dissertation topic ideas for your assignment? Well, in this blog post we have suggested a list of the best economics dissertation topics. Also, especially to help you out, we have given some key tips for selecting a good economics dissertation topic.

If you find it hard to select a good dissertation topics, then continue reading this blog post. Here, you can get exciting research ideas for economics dissertation writing.

How to Find a Good Economics Dissertation Topic?

In the economics dissertation writing process, identifying a topic is the first step. In most cases, your instructors will provide some prompts for you to choose from. But at certain times, they will give you a chance to select the dissertation topic on your own. What would you do when you are given the freedom to choose your research topic?

Basically, economics is a broad subject with many research areas and topics to focus on. However, when you have many topics, then identifying one perfect topic out of many would be too hard. So, to help you, here, we have shared some key points to remember when selecting an economic dissertation topic.

  1. Firstly, search and find the research area of your interest.
  2. Secondly, in your research area, collect unique dissertation topics or research ideas.
  3. Next, carefully study all the collected topics and remove the topic with little or no research scope.
  4. Give preference only to the topic that you have good knowledge and experience.
  5. Select a topic that has the power to pull the target readers inside your paper.
  6. Go with a topic that contains wide research scope, huge information, and enough believable sources for references.
  7. Never choose a topic that is neither too specific nor too broad for discussion.
  8. Narrow down the topic if it is too wide to cover before the deadline.
  9. Pick a topic that has valid data sources, proofs, and statistics related to your thesis statement.
  10. Finally, select the topic only if it meets the writing guidelines of your instructor or university.

All the above-mentioned economics dissertation topics selection tips would in fact help you spot an ideal topic. Therefore, during your topic selection phase, make sure to follow them all.

Most importantly, before you start writing your thesis, discuss it with your instructors and get approval for the topic you have chosen. Your instructors are responsible for evaluating your work. So, getting advice from them would eventually help you improve your work and boost your academic scores.


Economics Dissertation Topics

Economics Dissertation Topics List

As economics is a broad subject, you can very well consider any research area of your choice and pick a great topic. Some popular research areas in economics include microeconomics, macroeconomics, institutional economics, financial economics, and so on.

Here we have sorted and presented some great dissertation topics on different economics research areas. If you are running short of ideas, feel free to make use of the whole list below. Most importantly, when choosing, give importance only to the topic matching your interest.

Financial Economics Dissertation Topics

Financial economics is a branch of economics that examines the distribution and use of resources in markets. Mostly, it focuses on money exchanges in trade. Although it is a complex area, it contains many original topics for performing research. The following are some great financial dissertation topics on economics that would help you in preparing a brilliant thesis.

  1. Discuss the political uncertainty on asset prices.
  2. Explain the role of the private equity and debt market in the finances of SMEs in the UK.
  3. Describe the financial and capital structure of the companies in Australia.
  4. What is the role of the mediators in the mortgage market?
  5. How has the coronavirus disease affected the UK stock market?
  6. Explain the determinants of corporate debt in the UK.
  7. What are the temporary and permanent parts of asset prices in the UK?
  8. Write about financial markets and financial intermediation in the UK.
  9. Do SMEs achieve higher profitability rates than large corporations in the UK?
  10. How is the FTSE affected by interest rates?

Economic Sociology Dissertation Topics

Economic sociology refers to the study of sociological aspects of economics. In the economic world, social networks are an important feature because they add more value to brand promotion. Also, they play a major role in building a successful business. Listed below are a few economic sociology thesis topics you can consider during topic selection.

  1. What is the role of social networks in supporting the invention of new things in large industries?
  2. Define the economic theory of homeschooling.
  3. Explain the social and economic influence of private equity and venture capital in Singapore.
  4. Is social capital an important factor in the British creative industries?
  5. A comparative analysis of trust and power in local productive systems.
  6. Explain the role and contribution of social entrepreneurship in China.
  7. Is social capital a decisive factor in the Indian creative industry?
  8. What is the role of families in funding a certain firm?
  9. How can universities take advantage of social networks to induce entrepreneurial action among their students?
  10. Compare the economic impact of the EU and non-EU migration.

Economic Geography Dissertation Topics

Economic geography focuses on the economic activities of humans with respect to different conditions such as location, production, consumption, etc. In addition to all these, economic geography also studies the interaction of valuable supplies with nature and money-based activities. Here are some excellent economic geography research topics that you can consider during your academic writing.

  1. Compare entrepreneurial behavior in rural and urban areas.
  2. What is the role of local culture in promoting regional innovation networks?
  3. Discuss the effect of local and regional cultures on shaping entrepreneurial economic development.
  4. What is the role of emigrants in revealing new entrepreneurial attitudes?
  5. Explain the reasons behind regional divergence.
  6. How does the economic status of housing change with time in coastal areas?
  7. How can policy support the creation of a local group?
  8. Discuss the economic geography of the recession.
  9. Are networks affected by local proximity? Compare co-localized and dispersed networks.
  10. Discuss the effects of Brexit on policy results that shape the local economy in UK cities.

Institutional Economics Dissertation Topics

Institutional Economics helps to get to know about the role of institutions in molding economic behavior. It is one of the growing fields in economics. Usually, many institutions promote certain beliefs and core values and affect the public and economics of a location in a particular way. These are some interesting research topics that fall under the area of institutional economics.

  1. Explain the link between job experience and entrepreneurship.
  2. Explain the educational views of entrepreneurship.
  3. Assess the factors behind the power of a successful firm.
  4. How do habits and routines reduce the productivity of a business?
  5. Explain how transaction costs affect economic development.
  6. Evaluate the property market through institutional economies methodologies.
  7. Compare the latest entrepreneurship environment of the UK and Europe.
  8. Analyze the different qualities of British managers and investors.
  9. Evaluate the role of bureaucracy on the UK’s productivity levels.
  10. How the economic efficiency is made certain in the UK property markets?

Microeconomics Dissertation Topics

Microeconomics is a popular branch of economics. It mainly deals with economic opinions on an individual level. Also, it typically focuses on the distribution of limited resources. To write your economics dissertation, you can very well choose any microeconomics topics from the list below.

  1. Are UK firms more innovative than their European counterparts?
  2. Explain the evolution of household consumption in the UK over the last 10 years.
  3. Discuss the forces behind the inequality of income in the middle of the workforce in the Indian subcontinent.
  4. Are mergers and purchases related to productivity in UK firms?
  5. Does the size of the firm affect its profits? Discuss with proof from the telecommunication areas.
  6. Are British oligopolistic markets really oligopolistic?
  7. Describe the features of the innovative organization in the UK.
  8. Is the minimum wage still valid in the UK economy?
  9. Write about game theory and decision theory.
  10. Explain the effect of UK law on British firms.
  11. Discuss the supply-consumer demand in the beauty industry.
  12. Explore the path of growth and success of a small company into a multinational.
  13. What are the freelancing implications for the modern workforce?
  14. Determine the conditions for the presence of a knowledge firm in the US?
  15. Explain the effect of illegal immigration on the US labor market.

Macroeconomics Dissertation Topics

Like microeconomics, macroeconomics is also a branch of economics. It deals with the working of the overall economy and the market interaction to create aggregate variables. This research area mainly studies the things such as employment, GDP, national income inflation, and the interaction between the financial market and the global economy. Here are some research topics on macroeconomics that you can take into account while you are in the topic selection step.

  1. Explain how to fill the gap between the theory and the practice of behavioral macroeconomics.
  2. Why is insurance necessary for the economic development of a country?
  3. How the tax burden is actually shared between the buyers and the sellers?
  4. Discuss the effect of interest rates on consumption in the UK?
  5. Explain the macroeconomic determinants of housing prices in the UK.
  6. How does the decision of Brexit influence consumer spending in the UK?
  7. Explain the role of the dollar evolution in UK spending.
  8. How does the Greek financial crisis affect the EU economy over time?
  9. What is the role of information technology in economic development?
  10. What factors cause the global economic recession?
  11. Explain the effect of the fast development of blockchain technology on global economies.
  12. How renewable energy is related to economic growth?
  13. Are cryptocurrencies and mobile money threatening the existence of banks?
  14. Explain the role of macroeconomic policies in the microeconomics of a country.
  15. Discuss the results of long-term unemployment on the economy.
  16. Explain unemployment and regional mobility of labor in the UK.
  17. Write about Brexit and foreign direct investment in the UK.
  18. Explain the use of big data in the functioning of behavioral economics at the macro level.
  19. Write about interest rates and foreign direct investment in India.
  20. Should the model of neoclassical growth be revised according to the conditions of the modern world?

Development Economics and Innovation Dissertation Topics

Innovation economics is a new economics branch that deals with the invention of new things alongside technology. It mainly focuses on the generation of new ideas and executing those ideas for the development of an economy. From productivity growth to employment, innovation has more effects on the economy. Usually, it may differ across countries and phases of the business cycle. If you want any latest economics dissertation topics for your assignment, then refer to the list suggested below.

  1. Can innovation drive the economy more than manpower?
  2. Analyze how innovation has changed the manufacturing and service industry forever.
  3. Discuss the profit model of innovation.
  4. Explain how innovation has affected the lives of the migrants in Europe?
  5. What is the future of innovation in a world surrounded by the US-China trade war?
  6. How does innovation improve the development of eco-villages?
  7. What are the most proven tools for funding the innovation?
  8. Can Russia become the dark horse of innovation?
  9. How do particular qualities of innovation by the American tech giants fuel the superpower status of the US?
  10. Discuss the relationship between economic productivity and innovation of a developing economy.

Regional Development Dissertation Topics

Economic growth can also be understood at a regional level. The regional development field mainly takes the economic opinions to a minimum level with a focus on trade between areas. These are some economics dissertation topics related to regional development.

  1. Discuss the contribution of entrepreneurial networks to regional development.
  2. Explain the regional aspects of entrepreneurship in the UK.
  3. Assess the link between profit and regional development with respect to economics.
  4. What is the role of knowledge and learning in promoting regional development?
  5. Explain the regional development policy in the UK.
  6. What role does technology play in regional development?
  7. Evaluate the function of regional co-operation in developing sustainable advantage.
  8. Explain the role of institutional setups in regional development.
  9. Assess the connection between unemployment and entrepreneurship in the UK.
  10. Discuss the causes and effects of economic changes faced by the emigrants.

Employment Economics Dissertation Topics

In economics, employment is an important idea. Majorly, employment is linked with academics and affects people’s finances. This in turn defines their relationship type with society. More than that, in recent times, technological advancements in several fields have affected the labor market and influenced the overall employment rate.

Below is a list of some unique employment economics dissertation topics that you can think about during your academic writing.

  1. Explain the effects of immigration on British employment and productivity.
  2. Discuss the effects of minimum wages on British employment.
  3. Explore the different factors responsible for job creation and destruction in the UK.
  4. How inequality between men and women in employment affects workforce productivity and economic growth?
  5. Explain how digitization changed the standard structure of the labor market.
  6. Discuss the effect of professional training on employment in the UK.
  7. Explain how technological advancements have helped to increase employment in the British economy.
  8. What are the factors that figure out self-employment in the UK?
  9. Compare self-employment in the UK and Europe.
  10. Explain how flexible employment affects political support for social policy protection.

Political Economy Dissertation Topics

Political economy is an area of social science. It mainly studies the relationship between people and society, and the market and state. Most importantly, it thinks about both the political and economic factors to get a better understanding of a country’s authority and control. For writing an economics thesis paper, you can choose any of the following political economy dissertation topics.

  1. Is it possible to overcome global tax evasion?
  2. Explain the economic effect of BREXIT on Britain.
  3. Discuss the political economy of the Gulf countries on women labor.
  4. What ethical issues do developing nations face with respect to wages and salaries?
  5. Discuss the link between the productivity of a country and the justice system?
  6. Explain the effect of terrorism on a country’s economy with a case study.
  7. How effective is the World Trade Organization in improving the global economy?
  8. Discuss the effect of corporate factories in developing nations.
  9. Explain the relationship between media and the economy of a country.
  10. How sustainable is the capitalist economic model?

Dissertation Topics on Environmental Economics

Environmental economics is an area of economics that deals with the financial impact of environmental policies. Basically, the economy shares a close bond with the environment. The changes in the environment may or may not affect the economy. But at times, the economic outcomes caused by the environment would be good and at certain times, it would be bad. In general, you can find several environmental economic issues in our society. Here are a few environmental economics dissertation topics that you can adopt.

  1. Explain the effect of climate change on economics.
  2. Write about economics in relation to biodiversity and nature conservation.
  3. Explore ethanol production from the economic viewpoint.
  4. Assess the role of NGOs and organizations in promoting healthy environments through different fundraising programs.
  5. Analyze the economic value of historical places.
  6. Discuss the effects of the economy due to biological invasion.
  7. How does the economics of clean drinking water affect a country’s GDP?
  8. Analyze the results of risk aversions in public goods.
  9. Discuss the effects of the greenhouse effect on local and global economies.
  10. How does the cost of running an eco-friendly company affect its growth?

Dissertation Topics in Economic History

The study of economies or economic events from the past is referred to as economic history. This academic field uses a mix of historical and statistical methods along with economic theories to understand historical situations. If you are a history lover, then for your research project, you can pick a topic from the following economic history dissertation topics list.

  1. How did Switzerland become a rich country?
  2. Analyze the effect of the Icelandic Economic Crisis of 2008 on the world economy.
  3. How did industrial production change between the 19th and the 20th centuries?
  4. Analyze the economics of pornography.
  5. Discuss the effect of the internet on e-commerce companies.
  6. Review the history of the beer industry in the US.
  7. Compare the economic recession of 1930 to the recession of 2008.
  8. Analyze the causes of the Great Depression of 1930.
  9. Review the economics of slavery in the US.
  10. Analyze the growth of Facebook from an economic perspective.

Health Economics Dissertation Topics

Health economics is an area of economics that focuses on the economic issues in health and healthcare. In particular, it aims to provide information about how to use the available funds and how to deploy funding for healthcare effectively. For the improvement of healthcare, economic analysis is highly needed. If you are struggling to find a topic for your research, then during your topic selection phase use the below-mentioned health economics dissertation topics list.

  1. Is it possible to offer free healthcare to people?
  2. How can the revenue collection in public hospitals be improved?
  3. Analyze the economic impacts of health insurance.
  4. Discuss the effect of the smoking ban on world economics.
  5. How does perfect competition work in the healthcare industry?
  6. What are the main drivers of the economics of the pharmaceutical industry?
  7. Discuss the effect of world hunger on economics.
  8. Describe the role of private healthcare organizations in the healthcare economy of developing countries.
  9. Review the performance of the health industry during COVID-19.
  10. What factors affect the finances of healthcare organizations?

Other Interesting Economics Dissertation Topics

Here are a few more interesting economics dissertation topics that you can think about for writing your economics research paper.

  1. Compare the taxation practices of the UK and the South African countries.
  2. Assess the effects of corporate governance on the firm valuation of stakeholders.
  3. Does local culture influence the business flow?
  4. What is the role of privatization in the country’s economic growth?
  5. Explain the effects of nationalization on the overall economic growth of a country.
  6. Discuss the causes of the extreme growth in China’s economy.
  7. Explain the role of foreign direct investment in the economic development of your country.
  8. Discuss the effect of foreign trade activities on the economic growth of a developing country.
  9. Prepare a case study on the economic expansion in bioenergy.
  10. What are the benefits of mergers and purchases in farming?
  11. How do wars affect the economy of both nations?
  12. Discuss the effect of Brexit on European trade.
  13. Explain the connection between economic growth and international development.
  14. Discuss the economic impact of terrorism on developing markets.
  15. Econometric analysis of financial markets.

Attractive Economics Dissertation Topics

  1. Reasons for the automobile sector’s collapse in the United States of America
  2. The American economy has undergone changes after the tragic events of 9/11/2001.
  3. How has the global financial crisis impacted the US economy?
  4. What part does privatization play in the economy of the nation?
  5. The state of the economy following the devastation of World War II
  6. What part does inflation play in a nation’s overall economic health?
  7. Why does the value of money diminish over time?
  8. Shedding light on various economic theories that were successful and unsuccessful
  9. Effects of nationalization on a nation’s overall economic expansion
  10. Effects of international trade on a developing nation’s economic development

Final Words

The above-suggested list of economics dissertation topics would help you prepare a top-quality dissertation. So, out of them all select any topic that is comfortable for you to perform research on. Also, while selecting a topic, give preference to the latest or unique research topic instead of often discussed topics. In case, you have no idea what economics dissertation topic to choose, or need economics dissertation writing help, contact us.

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