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Law Dissertation Topics


If you are a student who is pursuing a degree in law courses, then at some point you must submit a law dissertation to finish your graduation. A dissertation is the last assignment mainly you would have to submit at the end of your course. Usually, many students face difficulties in identifying the best law dissertation topics. But once you have chosen an ideal topic, you can proceed to write a brilliant law dissertation paper.

A law dissertation paper is an academic paper in which you have to provide unique solutions to any particular issue after examining available cases, data, and regulations in a convincing manner.

Currently, would you have to prepare a law dissertation paper? Are you seeking some interesting law dissertation topics for your law assignments? Don’t worry! In this blog post, we have explained how to select an ideal law research topic and write an excellent law dissertation paper. Also, for you, here, we have suggested 100+ law dissertation topic ideas on various areas of law.

Continue reading this blog post and get more unique research ideas for law dissertation writing.

How to Choose a Good Law Dissertation Topic?

In the dissertation writing process, selecting a topic is the first step. You can’t prepare an outstanding dissertation paper without a good topic. So, at the time of topic selection, you should invest more time and effort to find out an ideal topic.

Instead of giving prompts, if your professors have given you a chance to select a dissertation topic in any research area of law, then these are the things you should consider.

  1. Choose a topic from the area that needs more attention.
  2. Find a topic from the law research area that is interesting and exciting for you.
  3. Select a dissertation topic with enough data and supporting materials such as textbooks and journals by accredited authors.
  4. Go with an arguable topic that is easy for you to defend with valid evidence.
  5. Narrow down your topic to a researchable level. The topic should not be too specific or too wide for discussion.

Your professor or supervisor plays a vital role in your academics. So, once you have selected a dissertation topic in law, discuss it with your supervisor and get approval before you proceed to write the paper. Seeking proper guidance from your dissertation supervisor would help you score an A+ grade. Therefore, it is not wrong in consulting your supervisor.

Law is a broad discipline that covers different types of law such as family law, criminal law, commercial law, and so on. When selecting a topic for your law dissertation topic, never settle for a popular or superior subject. Give preference only to the topic from the law types that you are interested in. Also, check whether the topic you choose stands in line with the dissertation writing guidelines of your supervisor or university.

How to Write a Law Dissertation Paper?

After you have selected a good law dissertation topic, next you should begin writing the law dissertation paper. Mentioned below are the steps you should follow to come up with a great law dissertation paper.

  1. Research and analyze the topic you have chosen and collect all the major points of discussion.
  2. Organize your ideas and sketch a dissertation outline.
  3. With the help of the created outline, draft the dissertation content by including essential sections such as the introduction, body, and conclusion.
  4. Prepare the introductory paragraph with a catchy hook sentence, a brief background on the topic, and a strong thesis statement.
  5. Write the body paragraphs with the topic sentences relevant to your thesis statement and explain your main points or arguments with valid evidence or examples.
  6. Wrap up the paper with a conclusion paragraph by summarizing all the significant research ideas on the topic and restating your thesis statement.
  7. Compare the draft you have written with the outline and see whether you have covered all the major points.
  8. Before submission, proofread and edit the essay.

To write an outstanding law dissertation paper, execute the above-mentioned steps in order. Most importantly, the law dissertation paper you create should be persuasive and focus on examining a particular idea, case, regulations, conviction, or data.


Law Dissertation Topics

List of Law Dissertation Topics and Ideas

Are you struggling to search and find a good law dissertation topic? Cool! To make your topic selection process easier, here, we have suggested some exclusive law dissertation topics and ideas on several law types.

Go through the entire list and select a good law dissertation topic from the category of your interest.

Family Law Dissertation Topics

Family law is a popular area of law that deals with family relationships. This law talks about legal rights related to marriage, adoption, divorce, and other family problems. If you are interested in family law, then you can choose any dissertation topic from the below-mentioned list.

  1. How to solve inheritance issues?
  2. Discuss the social and economic benefits of same-sex marriage legalization.
  3. Explain the influence of gender roles and stereotypes in the divorce process.
  4. Present a legal discussion about the separation and division of the financial assets.
  5. Research the criminal justice process involving a child witness.
  6. Discuss child welfare and the role of local authorities.
  7. Analyze the impact of culture on family lawsuits.
  8. Explain the consequences of domestic violence in India.
  9. Analyze the legal foundations of parenting and civil partnerships.
  10. Analyze the difference between adoption and special guardianship orders in the UK family courts.
  11. Does the US Family law need a major reform?
  12. Write about transgender marriages and divorce in the UK.
  13. Analyze the financial decisions in family law courts.
  14. Discuss the major changes in family law over the years: A case study of India.
  15. Explain the legislative changes regarding parental relocation with a child.

Human Rights Law Dissertation Topics

Human Rights Law is inherent to all human beings irrespective of their sex, race, religion, nationality, language, and other status forms. It legally focuses on a wide range of issues that humans face. Listed below are some dissertation topics on human rights law.

  1. Prepare a literature review on the role of NGOs in the advocacy of human rights.
  2. Do social media networks guarantee privacy rights?
  3. Write about the major LGBTQ community rights.
  4. Compare the UK human rights law and the international human rights law.
  5. Talk about the most violated human rights at workplaces.
  6. Explain the common causes of physical abuse among married couples.
  7. Discuss the right to life and the death penalty in the 21st century.
  8. Why are LGBT marriages and relationships not allowed in some nations?
  9. Can torture be justified under human rights
  10. Discuss the importance of human rights law in a democratic society.

Criminal Law Dissertation Topics

Criminal law is a body of law that is related to criminal offenses. It mainly deals with legal rules and regulations associated with the punishment of an individual for committing crimes, trials of suspected persons, and so on. If you are interested in criminal law, then for your law dissertation paper, you can choose any topic from the following list of dissertation topics on criminal law.

  1. How has digital technology affected domestic violence?
  2. Analyze the relationship between Islamic criminal law and human rights.
  3. How to protect witnesses from retaliation in criminal cases?
  4. Discuss the relationship between employment law and criminal offenses in the UK.
  5. Analyze the use of lie detectors in criminal justice. Are they effective?
  6. Discuss the global effects of war and terror on criminal law.
  7. Investigate the rights of victims in internal criminal courts.
  8. Compare the legislation about male and female rape.
  9. Discuss the relationship between criminal law and domestic violence.
  10. Analyze the criminal law and business law in the EU context.

International Law Dissertation Topics

International law is a set of rules, standards, and norms used between legally recognized international states. For writing a law dissertation paper, you can consider any of the following dissertation topics on international law.

  1. Explain the importance and need for international law.
  2. Assess the link between public safety and civil liberties in international laws.
  3. What happens when International Law intervenes in domestic laws?
  4. Discuss the problems of enforcing international law in developing countries.
  5. Forecast the future of digital and internet legislation.
  6. What regulations should become international?
  7. Explain the principles behind the formulation of international criminal law.
  8. What is the future of consumer protection in the post-Brexit era?
  9. Did the US involvement in Iraq provide justice or violate the law?
  10. Discuss the efficiency of International Tribunals in solving war crimes.

Medical Law Dissertation Topics

Medical law is a wide legal area that deals with the responsibilities and the rights of both medical professionals and patients. For writing a law dissertation paper, you can consider any medical law dissertation topics recommended below.

  1. Discuss the amendments required to protect women from forced pregnancies.
  2. What are the ethical and legal challenges of using biobanks?
  3. Explain the legal implications related to unregistered medical intervention in the UK.
  4. Discuss the effectiveness of animal cruelty punishment methods.
  5. How do ethics and medical law coexist?
  6. Discuss the laws governing organ transplantation: A case study of the US.
  7. Discuss the medical law in the UK.
  8. How do lawsuits affect medical practitioners’ commitment to offering lifesaving treatments?
  9. Explain medical law and ethics in times of war.
  10. Discuss medical complications in surgeries.

Commercial Law Dissertation Topics

Commercial law is an area of legal practice that focuses on laws associated with persons, merchants, and businesses in trades, sales, and commerce. Listed below are some dissertation topics on criminal law that you can consider for your law assignments.

  1. Discuss the unfair trade practices in India.
  2. Explain the hidden dangers and potential results of commercial partnerships.
  3. Review the international commercial arbitration system.
  4. Research the consumer complaints about businesses and business practices.
  5. Does the European contracts law meet the needs of the commercial community?
  6. Analyze the international commercial law on risk transfer.
  7. Review the US commercial laws.
  8. What are the commercial laws that should be used against dishonest managers?
  9. What does international commercial law guide regarding foreign investments?
  10. Review the use of international commercial law in energy projects across the globe.

Employment Law Dissertation Topics

Employment law focuses on legal aspects of the relationship between the employer and the employee. It covers a wide range of issues and challenges in employment, work environment, salary rates, religion, discrimination in the workplace, and so on. Here are some interesting dissertation topics on employment law.

  1. Analyze employment legislation of trade unions.
  2. Compare maternal and paternal leaves.
  3. Explain the gender differences in employment regulations.
  4. Investigate the right to fair labor practices in the United Kingdom.
  5. Review legal perspectives of social work employment.
  6. Assess the legal aspects of the employee and employer relationship.
  7. Discuss the international employment contract.
  8. Explain the employment laws for the digital age.
  9. Compare the UK laws before and after exiting the European Union.
  10. Discuss the challenges associated with equality at work.
  11. Research the employment law of disabled individuals in the US.
  12. Analyze the employment laws suitable for the automotive industry.
  13. Explain the mental health and employment laws across Europe.
  14. Analyze the efficiency of workplace sexual harassment: A case study of the UK and US.
  15. Analyze the discrimination policies in English firms.

Contract Law Dissertation Topics

Contract law is a body of law that focuses on the legal aspects involved in the monetary exchange between a business and its employees. Mentioned below are a few contract law dissertation topics you can consider for writing your law research paper.

  1. Discuss the importance of contract law for small business owners.
  2. What role does the state play in contract law?
  3. Analyze the contract law enforcement in the public sector in emerging economies.
  4. Discuss the effects of contract law in changing the global business environment to be more sustainable.
  5. Explain the penalty under contract law in the UK.
  6. What is the role of contract law in governing the monetary transactions of multinational organizations?
  7. Compare European contract law and English commercial contract law.
  8. Investigate globalization and contract law.
  9. Discuss the implications of online privacy policies on contract law in the UK.
  10. Write about the US Federal Circuit and contract law.

Sports Law Dissertation Topics

Sports law describes the legal issues that are associated with various sporting activities in a country. If you wish to write your law dissertation paper on sports law, then you can very choose any topic from the list suggested below.

  1. Review E-sports in the context of international sports law.
  2. Discuss the sports law in the EU.
  3. How are disputes in sports managed?
  4. Explain the pros and cons of the legalization of betting in India.
  5. Discuss the legal implications regarding sexual harassment in the sports environment.
  6. What does sports law guide on lifestyle sports?
  7. Review the role of social media on legal aspects in international sporting events.
  8. Explain the US sports law.
  9. Review the sports management curriculum in the UK and coverage of sports laws.
  10. Discuss the legal influences on sports and sportsperson marketing.

Environmental Law Dissertation Topics

Environmental law is a broad law that covers the legal aspects related to environmental protection. It is one of the common and trending law research areas in recent times. If you are interested in talking about environmental law, then you can choose any environmental law dissertation topic from the below-mentioned list.

  1. Review the critical elements of international environmental law.
  2. Analyze the UK environmental law for resource sustainability and management.
  3. Explain the energy infrastructure and environmental laws in the UK.
  4. What does international law counsel on conscious ecological restoration?
  5. Analyze the most recent cases of environmental crime and the law.
  6. Discuss the UK environmental policies in the management of floods.
  7. Analyze the management of carbon emissions and international environmental law.
  8. What are the challenges faced in the enforcement of environmental law in the UK?
  9. Analyze the contributions to ecological preservation from the perspectives of environmental law.
  10. Explain the wastewater treatment from agriculture in the UK.

Here are a few more interesting legal dissertation topics that you can consider for writing your law dissertation paper.

  1. Explain the animal research laws in India.
  2. Analyze the immigration policy in Britain since 1990.
  3. Explain the intellectual property law.
  4. Write about the gun laws in India.
  5. Research the racial discrimination laws in developed countries.
  6. Discuss the Intellectual property law in the digital community.
  7. Explain the impact of UK immigration policies on the current education industry.
  8. Does the trademark law ensure sufficient protection in England?
  9. Review broadcast laws in the UK.
  10. Explain the influence of energy laws on climate change management.
  11. How has EU law affected the intellectual property regime in the UK?
  12. Investigate the impact of immigration laws on the German economy.
  13. Analyze the labor laws in the UK.
  14. Analyze the media laws across the US.
  15. Discuss the impact of legal migration on the UK labor market.
  16. Discuss the European Laws amidst the Brexit process.
  17. Explain the social media laws in the UK.
  18. Analyze farm labor and labor laws in the UK.
  19. Write about laws for intellectual property rights protection on the internet.
  20. Analyze the UK’s legal response to child trafficking.

Other Liability Dissertation topics

  1. How has the media law in the UK changed post Brexit?
  2. Discuss the energy law in your country.
  3. Write about international labor law.
  4. Discuss the impact of UK energy law on hydraulic fracturing.
  5. Compare the media laws in the US and UK.
  6. How can a criminal suspect demonstrate that a confession was coerced out of them?
  7. History of mistrials: Why and how did this idea come about?
  8. What aspects of a crime shouldn’t be discussed with the jury?
  9. Which racial or ethnic groups still face discrimination in the workplace?
  10. What international criminal legal treaty needs revisions and updates?
  11. Government should intervene in a peacemaker capacity to handle major global issues including armed crises.
  12. A comparison of the USA’s and other countries’ key employment laws
  13. How may an employment contract be compromised, and how can it be prevented?
  14. In 2022, criminal justice policy will include measures to safeguard witnesses from retribution.
  15. How has the law relating to deliberate murder changed throughout time?

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