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Argumentative Essay Topics


An argumentative essay is a popular essay type that presents arguments about a certain issue. Most importantly, while writing an argumentative essay, you should perform deep research and put forward your side of the arguments and viewpoints with valid evidence. Besides all these, for crafting an argumentative essay, a good topic is all we need the most. In general, you can easily find various argumentative essay topics and ideas in various disciplines. However, when you have many topics, then identifying one ideal topic from it would be tedious. So, we are here to assist you with argumentative essay writing assignments.

If you are a school or a college student, then during your academic journey often you will be assigned a task to write an argumentative essay. You may think that writing an argumentative essay is easy. But actually, it is not, argumentative essay writing requires a lot of time, effort, and knowledge. That too especially, searching and finding a perfect topic for an argumentative essay is even more tedious. So, in order to help you out, here we have shared a list of excellent argumentative essay topic ideas on various subjects. Also, we have explained how to select a good argumentative essay topic and write an outstanding argumentative essay.

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What is an Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative essay is a piece of writing that basically takes stance on a particular issue. For preparing a good argumentative essay, the writers mostly try to convince their readers to understand and support their viewpoints about the essay topic.  It is not easy to convince the readers. Therefore, for persuading the target audience, the writers state their reasoning and provide evidence to back up their claims.

When it comes to creating an argumentative essay, you can choose a evaluation essay topics from any field of study. Some popular fields in which you can effortlessly find argumentative essay topics are education, health, science and technology, politics, and society.

Steps for Writing an Argumentative Essay

Are you wondering how to write an excellent argumentative essay? Don’t worry. To help you out, here, we have shared some interesting argumentative essay writing steps. If you are unsure how to write an argumentative essay, then make a note to execute all the below-mentioned steps in order.

  1. Firstly, search and find the best argumentative essay topic from the field of study that you are passionate about.
  2. Secondly, analyze and generate a strong thesis statement on the topic you have chosen.
  3. Thirdly, do in-depth research on the essay topic and collect relevant evidence.
  4. Fourthly, with the ideas that you have gathered, sketch an argumentative essay outline.
  5. Next, concentrate on both the arguments and counterarguments to support your thesis statement.
  6. Prepare the essay draft with a catchy introductory paragraph.
  7. Write the body paragraphs by including your arguments and counterargument on the topic with necessary supporting evidence.
  8. Next, create a powerful conclusion paragraph and summarize all the major points of discussion.
  9. Check whether your draft contains all the major points you have mentioned in your essay outline.
  10. Before submission, proofread and edit your argumentative essay. The final draft of the essay that is ready for submission should be flawless and plagiarism-free.

How to Select a Perfect Argumentative Essay Topic?

The success of an essay mainly depends on the topic that you choose to write about. So, at the time of the topic selection, you should carefully search, brainstorm and identify a perfect topic for discussion. Usually, your instructors will share some essay prompts or topics for you to select. But sometimes, they will ask you to come up with the essay topic on your own. In certain instances, it might become hard and challenging for you to handle the topic selection phase.

If you want to choose a good argumentative essay topic for your assignment, then this is what you should keep in mind during topic selection.

  1. Find an essay topic that falls within the category of your interest.
  2. Select a topic that you have strong knowledge of to express your opinion on.
  3. Avoid choosing a topic that is hard to debate.
  4. Go with the topic that is interesting for the target readers.
  5. Pick a topic that contains differing opinions.
  6. Never go with a topic that is too wide and difficult to complete before the deadline.
  7. If the topic you choose is broad, make sure to narrow it down.
  8. Give importance to the topic that has enough data, facts, or evidence to support your arguments and counterarguments.
  9. Avoid topics with emotional value. Instead, you can try to select a controversial or funny essay topic that others would ignore.
  10. Finalize the topic only if it satisfies your instructor’s essay writing guidelines.

Argumentative Essay Topics

List of Argumentative Essay Topics and Ideas

Right now, are you struggling to find the outstanding argumentative essay topics for your assignments? Well, as said earlier, for choosing an argumentative essay topic you can consider any field of study that matches your interest. Mainly, for gathering argumentative essay ideas, you can refer to books, journals, published research papers, video materials, and trusted online sources that are related to the academic discipline of your choice.

In case, you have no idea what essay topic to choose, then you can very well make use of the argumentative essay topic ideas list suggested below. In the list, you can find nearly 200 best argumentative essay topics in various categories. So, feel free to go through the whole list and pick a good argumentative essay topic that suits you perfectly.

Argumentative Essay Topics for School Students

Listed below are some interesting argumentative essay topics that would be helpful for school students.

  1. What are the pros and cons of making friends virtually?
  2. Is homeschooling better than the public school educational system?
  3. What is the biggest challenge faced by students today?
  4. Are cartoons better than movies?
  5. Is hard work not enough for being successful?
  6. Why do teens idolize celebrities?
  7. Do girls face more societal pressure than guys?
  8. Is there life after death?
  9. Should age be a factor in relationships?
  10. Is co-education more advantageous than single-sex education?

Argumentative Essay Topics for College Students

If you are a college student, then for your assignment you can pick any topic from the below-mentioned argumentative essay topic ideas list.

  1. Should the drinking age be lowered?
  2. Is feminism important?
  3. Life is incomplete without faith.
  4. Should elections be decided by popular vote?
  5. Are men and women equally emotional?
  6. Should all internships be paid?
  7. Your past doesn’t define you.
  8. Are men paid more than women in the corporate sector?
  9. A well-read person isn’t necessarily a smart person.
  10. Are test scores the only way to evaluate the competency of a student?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Education

Education is a broad discipline that plays a vital role in shaping an individual’s future. Mostly, the subject focuses on the intellectual, wisdom, moral, and personality development of students of different academic levels. For writing an argumentative essay, you can consider any topic from the below-mentioned argumentative essay topics on education.

  1. Is community service cultivating good values in the minds of the students?
  2. How technology benefits education?
  3. Should students be given sex education?
  4. Is foreign language education important in schools?
  5. Do male students get better educational opportunities than female students?
  6. Is college education mandatory for everyone?
  7. Are education apps really helpful?
  8. Is education important for a better future?
  9. Should education counseling be a part of school education?
  10. Is education too commercialized nowadays?
  11. Should the grading system be eliminated?
  12. How to bring change to the education system of the United States?
  13. Should education be free for everyone?
  14. Is art education important?
  15. Hard work isn’t enough for being successful in a student’s life.
  16. All students must wear a uniform in high school.
  17. Programming should be made compulsory for all students.
  18. Should internet access be limited to students?
  19. Does the current education system prepare students for the real world?
  20. Should special children be taught separately from normal children?

Health Argumentative Essay Topics

Health is an interesting field of study that addresses various medical conditions, treatment approaches, diseases, healthcare-related problems, and so on. When it comes to writing an argumentative essay, in this discipline, typically, you can find plenty of essay questions that will allow you to raise your arguments. Here are some amazing argumentative essay topics on health that you can adopt for your assignments.

  1. What are the benefits and drawbacks of classical education?
  2. Which secondary languages are worth studying today?
  3. Discuss the similarities and differences in learning methodologies of the 19th and 20th centuries.
  4. All students must be made to learn a foreign language.
  5. Explain the effects of sexual education on students.
  6. Discuss the consequences of bad health care.
  7. Is healthcare a basic human right?
  8. Explain the adverse impact of smartphones on health.
  9. Is a vegan diet more nutritious than the traditional one?
  10. Are all people entitled to free health care?
  11. Is non-vegetarian bad for health?
  12. Are energy drinks really giving energy?
  13. What should be done to assist teenagers in maintaining a healthy weight?
  14. Is drug and alcohol addiction a disease?
  15. Should tobacco be banned?
  16. Is fast food healthy?
  17. Why child vaccination is mandatory in some countries?
  18. Is it better to have a private or public healthcare system?
  19. Explain whether it is ethical or not to perform medical experiments on animals.
  20. Is cosmetic surgery dangerous?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Science and Technology

In our life, science and technology play a crucial role. That too in recent times, the technological breakthrough is enhancing the quality of life for millions of people. As it is a vast academic discipline, collecting argumentative essay topic ideas from it wouldn’t be highly challenging. If you are a science and technology enthusiast, then it would be exciting for you to prepare an argumentative essay on any topic related to it. Here are a few top-rated argumentative essay topics on science and technology that you can consider for your assignments.

  1. Is cognitive computing unethical?
  2. Can technology be used to treat human problems related to feelings?
  3. Are spy applications invading the privacy of users?
  4. Will the 5G network really causes great damage to the human race?
  5. Is the future in the hands of artificial intelligence?
  6. Are people becoming technological zombies?
  7. Does technology make people alone?
  8. Is typescript the future of front-end development?
  9. Are cellphones harmful to the human race?
  10. Is technology limiting creativity?
  11. Does science affect the climatic change of our planet?
  12. Can artificial intelligence and machines replace soldiers on the battlefield?
  13. Wearing microchips with personal data is the best way to protect identity.
  14. Video games are prospective methods of teaching children in schools.
  15. Is there a way to eliminate internet crime in the world today?

History Argumentative Essay Topics

History is an extraordinary academic discipline that mainly concentrates on the remarkable events from the past. Additionally, it also addresses the cultural, societal, and economic transitions that exist within a society or a country. Check the following argumentative essay topics on history and pick the one that is comfortable for you to research and write the essay.

  1. Write about the history of racism and discrimination in America.
  2. Is Barack Obama the first American president to make history in America?
  3. Explain the role of women in the French revolution.
  4. Discuss America’s growth after WWII.
  5. Does our modern perspective change the truth of what happened during major historical events?
  6. Explain the effects of the Great Depression on the banking industry in America.
  7. Discuss the factors that contributed to the rise of Nazism in Germany and the Holocaust.
  8. What was the impact of European colonization on Native Americans?
  9. Explain the political situation in America after 9/11.
  10. Write about the 21st-century American foreign policy.
  11. Was colonialism beneficial to the Third World War?
  12. Explain the primary causes of the Indo-Pak War.
  13. Is Gothic art the preferred and most magnificent in the history of humanity?
  14. Why was Prussia successful in unifying Germany into a single nation?
  15. Discuss the causes and effects of the US-Mexican War.

Argumentative Essay Topics on Politics

Politics is an amazing field of study that deals with the activities related to the governance of a country or a state. Especially it focuses on the debates between the parties that have power. So, for writing an argumentative essay you can consider any topic associated with politics. Here are some high-quality argumentative essay topics on politics that you can use for your assignments.

  1. How has terrorism affected the foreign policies of the United States and Russia?
  2. Should a politician be merciful or cruel?
  3. Is the taxation system effective or not?
  4. Do you think a war is always a political decision?
  5. Which political party has the right ideology?
  6. Does campaign fiancé reform work?
  7. Are all politicians, leaders, and decision-makers equitable?
  8. Which recent political decision has created the most change?
  9. Should North and South Korea unite?
  10. Which has the best economic system – capitalism or socialism?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Society and Culture

For writing an argumentative essay, you can also choose topics from society and culture. For your convenience, here we have listed some impressive argumentative essay topics on society and culture. Go through them all and select a topic that suits you perfectly.

  1. Has society made the necessary preparation for slavery?
  2. Is teenage marriage permissible in society?
  3. Are men and women treated equally in society?
  4. Cross-cultural marriages add up to racial tolerance
  5. What are the mutual stereotypes in our society?
  6. Is society turning over-regulated?
  7. What is the impact of homosexuality on society?
  8. How is the LGBTQ community influencing society?
  9. Should society fight anorexia?
  10. Is racism a natural condition of human society?
  11. Should people have the right to own a gun?
  12. What positive and negative effects does globalization have on societies?
  13. Should smoking be illegal?
  14. What should countries do to address the problem of illegal immigration?
  15. Does the Church play a more active role in government and society?

Psychology Argumentative Essay Topics

Psychology is the scientific study of the behavior and mind of a human. This discipline contains many topics suitable for you to share arguments from your own perspectives. So, for writing an argumentative essay, you can very well consider a topic from the field of psychology. Listed below are some interesting argumentative essay topics on psychology that will help you prepare a great academic paper.

  1. Why is a sense of humor different depending on the culture?
  2. Explain how social media creates bad values in children.
  3. How does marketing subconsciously affect our minds?
  4. Describe how music rewires our brains and affects our development.
  5. Explain the major reasons why kids learn to play instruments faster.
  6. How do emotions affect our actions and behavior?
  7. Why do modern people need to prepare themselves for parenthood?
  8. What are the technological advancements in the field of Psychology?
  9. How is cyberbullying harmful to personal development?
  10. Explain how bad experiences can lead to nightmares.

Social Media Argumentative Essay Topics

The popularity of social media in the contemporary world is increasing day by day. As social media has both pros and cons, it paves way for the people to create more debates. If you are interested in writing an argumentative essay on the latest topics, then you can pick any topic related to social media. Here are some interesting social media argumentative essay topics.

  1. Should under-aged children be allowed to own social media accounts?
  2. Is social media the best platform to do business?
  3. Can a person live life without social media?
  4. Is social media building complexes in people?
  5. Do social media increase employment rates?
  6. Are teenagers more comfortable talking on social media rather than face-to-face?
  7. Is social media an effective platform for communication?
  8. Has social media destroyed real-life communication?
  9. Is it possible to earn a good amount of money from YouTube?
  10. Should social media sites be banned?
  11. Is social media bad for children?
  12. How is social media depicting beauty standards?
  13. Do social media do more harm than good?
  14. Is social media bad for relationships?
  15. Are funny memes ethical?

Sports Argumentative Essay Topics

Are you a sports fan? Well, then the following argumentative essay topics on sports will be convenient for you to conduct research and write a top-notch argumentative essay.

  1. Is chess a sport or game?
  2. Should females be allowed to take part in extreme sports?
  3. Sports events shouldn’t broadcast alcohol and tobacco ads.
  4. Is cheerleading a sport?
  5. Should girls be allowed to participate in the same sports as boys?
  6. Student-athletes should get money for playing.
  7. Explain the impact of bodybuilding on a woman’s body in old age.
  8. Is American football too dangerous for players?
  9. Male and female athletes should be given the same salaries and chances.
  10. Should animal sports be banned?

Amazing Argumentative Essay Topics

Listed below are some amazing argumentative essay topics that will help you elevate your academic scores.

  1. How do countries benefit from immigration?
  2. Should hunting be considered cruelty to animals?
  3. Explain the reasons why communism failed in the Soviet Union.
  4. Will building walls stop illegal immigration?
  5. Should countries adopt protectionist or free-trade policies?
  6. Is Internet censorship an advantage since it provides control?
  7. Discuss some common stereotypes in your society.
  8. Is genetic modification of livestock beneficial?
  9. Explain the effects of immigration on the economy.
  10. Is it ethical for a doctor to deny treatment to a patient who cannot afford an operation?
  11. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of being in a customs union.
  12. Explain the negative effects of following a nutritional diet.
  13. Should citizenship by birth be canceled?
  14. Corruption and its effects on increasing wages.
  15. Do dreams have a symbolic meaning?

Other Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics

Here is a list of a few other interesting argumentative essay topics that you can choose to explore and write about.

  1. Aggressive video games and behavioral issues
  2. Should abortion be banned?
  3. Is recycling essential?
  4. Does religion cause wars?
  5. Is physical education necessary in schools?
  6. Which is better – Children’s behavior today or children’s behavior in the past?
  7. Is it ethical to use fur and leather products?
  8. What is the most important socio-political movement of the modern era?
  9. Beauty pageants and exploitation.
  10. Are girls ‘too mean’ in their friendships?
  11. Is the death penalty efficient?
  12. Should working moms be given special privileges?
  13. Is smoking in public places ethical?
  14. How do terrorism and illegal migrants relate?
  15. Is music a real art form?
  16. Do parents encourage gender stereotypes?
  17. Is fashion important?
  18. Are gym classes important?
  19. Is buying lottery tickets a good idea?
  20. Betting and sports – is it illegal?

Additional Relevant Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Are celebrity promotions ethical?
  2. Is blogging an appropriate profession?
  3. What is the appropriate age to start school?
  4. Is a steroid alternative a necessity for athletes?
  5. Should kids be given homework on weekends?
  6. Is global warming really an issue?
  7. Which is better – a printed book or an e-book?
  8. Is our election procedure fair and transparent?
  9. Should homosexual partners be allowed to adopt children?
  10. Is the video game a real sport?
  11. Should the Electoral College be abolished?
  12. Is it worth exploring space?
  13. Should there be commercials in children’s programs?
  14. Does organic food even exist?
  15. Is tourist tax necessary to protect cultural heritage?

Intriguing Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Should mothers work like their husbands or should they stay at home and raise their children?
  2. Do kids do better in two-parent homes?
  3. Should a person who has been found guilty of a sex offense be permitted to see his own kids?
  4. Should parents that the state deems to be incompetent have their children taken away forcibly?
  5. What are the benefits and advantages of reading to kids?
  6. Do you think parents from same-sex relationships are better or worse?
  7. What long-term impacts, if any, may physical punishment have on children?
  8. Do you think a terminally sick person has a right to assisted suicide?
  9. Should it be legal for private companies to discriminate against their customers on the basis of their race, gender, or sexual orientation?
  10. What actions should nations take to deal with the issue of illegal immigration?

Wrapping Up

We hope the above-recommended list of argumentative essay topics and ideas will help you to find the perfect essay topic and write a top-quality essay. If you want a customized essay topic or assistance with writing an argumentative essay, then quickly reach out to us. We have skilled professional essay writers in our team to offer cheap and best essay writing help on any subject topic. From essay topic selection to editing, you can get any kind of academic paper help by availing of our online essay writing service.

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