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Feminist research paper topics are becoming increasingly common in research papers. The primary reason is the growing importance of such discussions in colleges and other educational institutions. As you might expect, writing a research paper on a feminist topic is not the most difficult task. There is plenty of information available on this subject. The only difficult part is deciding on a suitable topic.

This blog post suggests a list of the best and amazing English research topics and ideas for students to focus on.

Tips on how to select the best Feminist Research Topics

A few basic principles should be followed when choosing an appropriate topic. Following them will help your paper make sense and become more interesting to read. A well-chosen topic from various feminist research topics is an essential component of a good research paper. As a result, if you adhere to the guidelines outlined below, you will receive A+ work.


Feminist Research Topics


  • Make it Clear: When a topic is not too broad and only covers relevant aspects, it is preferable. Professor may say nothing about your poor decision, but revealing the main message may be difficult. The broadness of the topic is frequently the cause of saying “about everything but nothing.” This is due to the fact that you should try to focus on one specific question, look for answers to it, and write a concise research paper.
  • The topic should be eye-catching & Trending: When it comes to a research paper topics, make sure to only go for the best. The more stunning and eye-catching your topic is, the more likely you are to receive an A+ for your work. The main reason for failure could be a faulty formulation of the issue.
  • It is preferable not to select highly sophisticated feminist topics: Choosing highly complex issues is pointless for college students. In such a case, you may be unable to conduct in-depth research due to a lack of information or skills. Try to find something that is relevant and interesting to you.

So these are some tips to select the best feminist research topics from given above.

How to Write an Outline for Feminist Research Paper?

Writing a good research paper means you have to make an outstanding outline which will help you to score the best grade.

  • Introduction: Any academic project begins with this step. This determines whether your readers will finish the paper or move on to the next one. Your introduction should be engaging, informative, and interesting. It must convince readers that they are part of your target audience. Your introduction must also include a thesis statement that states your main points clearly. Include the feminist methodology that will be used in your research as well as the overarching feminist research questions.
  • Body: This is the stage at which you go over every detail of your writing. The arguments and supporting literature are presented in the body of the paper. It displays all of the evidence gathered during your investigation. You can examine and respond to counterarguments to improve your academic reputation on the subject. Because your professors are well-versed in the subject, avoid sounding boring while writing.
  • Conclusion: This is your paper’s final section, and it includes a summary of all of your arguments and ideas. This could be followed by a call to action, which would compel your readers to take bold, informative actions.
  1. A woman’s role in the modern business world.
  2. What are the primary contributions of feminism to modern life?
  3. The Internet’s role in promoting feminism
  4. How should we distinguish between sex and gender?
  5. The role and impact of the #MeToo movement
  6. Can modern feminism begin to discriminate against men?
  7. The gender and parenting debate.
  8. The impact of the media and beauty standards on women’s lives, both positive and negative.
  9. Is male hatred a myth or a real threat to feminism?
  10. Feminism: a relic of the past or a necessity?
  11. Feminist fundamentals.
  12. The stereotypical feminist is an ugly woman with unshaved legs and a deep hatred for men.
  13. Modern feminism’s key concepts.
  14. Myths about feminism and feminists are widespread.
  15. Feminists’ strategies for fighting for ideas.

Unique Feminist Research Topics

  1. Human rights and feminism
  2. Can the tenets of feminism be classified as correct or incorrect?
  3. Modern manifestations of sexism
  4. Domestic violence: who is to blame and how do we deal with it?
  5. Feminism’s advantages.
  6. Feminist critics’ point of view Are they correct to some extent?
  7. Discuss ‘You judge a woman by her cuisine.’
  8. Women’s rights are being violated in the modern world.
  9. Modern feminism’s main offshoots.
  10. Feminist currents include black, radical, eco, and others.
  11. Is there a link between feminism and criminality?
  12. Feminism faces challenges in the modern world
  13. Feminism and domestic violence
  14. Feminism’s resurgence in the twenty-first century
  15. The most important feminist messages

Feminist Research Topics for College Students

  1. Is it possible to highlight the time when feminism discussions first began?
  2. Women’s rights in the historical context
  3. Who tends to become a feminist?
  4. The most well-known feminists in today’s world
  5. Does feminism have a negative impact on the minds of teenagers
  6. What’s the distinction between gender and sex?
  7. Feminism and same-sex marriage
  8. What are some of the most well-known feminist movements?
  9. What is the relationship between religion and feminism?
  10. What are the characteristics of sexism and feminism?
  11. Is feminism solely concerned with defending women’s rights?
  12. Which region of the world has the most serious feminist issues?
  13. Is it appropriate to teach children about feminism?
  14. Is gender equality still a possibility today?
  15. How can feminist forces be balanced in today’s world?

Controversial Feminist Research Topics

  1. Feminism’s role in reducing harassment
  2. In today’s society, do men earn less than women?
  3. What exactly is black feminism, and why is it important?
  4. The Benefits and Drawbacks of Sexual Education for Children
  5. From 1837 to the present, the history of feminism
  6. How feminism encourages women and men to take on non-traditional responsibilities at work, in their families, and in society
  7. Why should every woman identify as a feminist?
  8. Why is there no gender equality in Asian countries?
  9. Chauvinistic manifestations of modern feminism
  10. How radical feminism threatens to divide society
  11. The anti-feminism stance
  12. Why are men in positions of power in business and politics?
  13. What exactly is male feminism?
  14. How can society achieve gender equality?
  15. Who is the most in need of feminism?

Few Captivating Feminist Research Paper Topics

  1. Various feminist ideologies and movements
  2. Describe various feminism waves, including movement activity, outflows, and outcomes.
  3. What can we expect from feminism in the next ten years?
  4. The impact of feminism on politics
  5. The feminist movement’s point of view
  6. Was suffrage for women the catalyst for feminism?
  7. Describe the distinctions between the fourth and third waves of feminism.
  8. Is feminism significant in Islamic countries?
  9. How can the feminist movement increase women’s superiority?
  10. Should society raise girls and boys differently in terms of sex education and toys?
  11. Explain the causes of misogyny and how to overcome it.
  12. Gender differences in cognitive otherness
  13. Modern men, like women, should fight for their rights.
  14. Global legislation to combat gender inequality
  15. What is sexism and gender discrimination, and how do we deal with it?

Argumentative Feminist Research Topics

  1. Feminism is another form of politics.
  2. Women were not liberated by suffrage.
  3. Sex education should be taught differently to boys and girls.
  4. The feminist movement also feeds the ego of women.
  5. Boys and girls should be raised differently.
  6. Modern men have no need to fight for women’s rights.
  7. Men may be excluded from empowerment education.
  8. Sexism has no effect on gender discrimination.
  9. Feminism is an anti-male movement, not patriarchy.
  10. Feminism should also be a fight against the patriarchal brainwashing of women.
  11. Domestic violence is a source of concern for the feminist movement.
  12. Feminism increases women’s hatred of men.
  13. Feminism can also be promoted in mixed schools.
  14. It is the role of teachers, not parents, to promote feminism.
  15. NGOs have little influence over feminist education.

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Few More Feminist Research Topics on Argumentative

  1. Apologies are made by feminist critics.
  2. Feminism is merely psychological.
  3. Religion is correct; liberal morality is incorrect.
  4. Women’s violence is justified by religion.
  5. Female Genital Mutilation is a cultural practice.
  6. Until the feminist movement fueled it, men’s dominance was a myth.
  7. Women should be defined by society’s definition of beauty.
  8. Should women still be subject to men after gender equality has been achieved?
  9. Should wives continue to obey their husbands in marriage?
  10. Marriage is a barrier to women’s rights.

Sociology Feminist Research Topics

  1. Can feminism become a new trend?
  2. What are the feminist trends for 2022?
  3. Is it possible to justify immoral feminist actions?
  4. What effect does feminism have on psychology?
  5. Is feminism a sociological phenomenon?
  6. Sexual orientation as a catalyst for feminism
  7. Why do some people regard feminism as a sign of the current generation’s promiscuity?
  8. How has free speech influenced the spread of feminist ideas?
  9. Can feminism lead to the emergence of a new type of discrimination?
  10. Feminism’s societal benefits and drawbacks
  11. Is feminism a new community weapon?
  12. How do feminist ideas emerge in young people’s minds?
  13. Which countries have the most visible feminism flashpoints?
  14. What role do governments play in dealing with feminist movements?
  15. What ethnic groups are opposed to feminism?

Interesting Ideas for Feminist Research Topics

  1. Women with managerial skills
  2. Feminists’ most important messages
  3. How do advertisements affect people’s attitudes toward feminism?
  4. Why is it important to uphold women’s rights in the age of science, technology, and innovation?
  5. Families and relationships of feminists
  6. Feminism as a powerful tool for self-determination
  7. Characteristics of men and women: similarities and differences
  8. How does the level of state development relate to the prevalence of feminism?
  9. Feminism movements on various continents
  10. Feminist expressions that are appropriate and inappropriate
  11. The difference between feminist beliefs in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries
  12. Feminism’s image in society
  13. What is the impediment to feminism in 2022?
  14. Is the feminist movement producing results?
  15. Do feminist concepts differ from one country to the next?

Latest Feminist Research Topics

  1. Why is feminism being persecuted?
  2. Can feminist movements empower women to change the world?
  3. Gender equality is the most visible form of discrimination.
  4. Feminism is no longer a taboo subject.
  5. Changes in the world as a result of the rise of feminism
  6. Why do feminists occasionally cross the line and use illegal means?
  7. To some extent, every human being is a feminist.
  8. Main feminist movements’ outcomes
  9. The development of feminism and the era of social networks
  10. Women are no longer silent.
  11. Why is feminism vilified?
  12. Modern feminist art
  13. Who is a feminist?
  14. The primary motivation for feminism is discrimination.
  15. International business and women

These are excellent feminist research topics. However, each of these feminist research paper topics necessitates a thorough investigation of current issues. Take your time researching any of these ideas before deciding on feminist research paper topics from this category to work with.

Students can choose from a variety of feminist topics for debate or research. But whether you choose to write about feminist essay topics or feminist mythology topics, do your research first. Identify various information sources and then investigate them in order to create a solid paper or essay using relevant data from authentic and reliable sources.

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