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Business Dissertation Topics


Business dissertations are academic projects the business or MBA students have to complete during their course journey to finish their graduation. If you are taking up a course in business studies, then submitting a business dissertation would mostly be your final assignment. When it comes to writing a business dissertation paper, you should first identify a topic or a problem in the field of business. Then, you should analyze the business dissertation topics you have selected and identify a valid solution for your research question.

Currently, do you have to submit a business dissertation paper? Are you seeking the best business dissertation topics for your assignment? Don’t worry! To make your topic selection easier, in this blog post, we have suggested some extraordinary dissertation topics and ideas on various business disciplines. Also, we have explained how to choose a good business dissertation topic.

The success of your dissertation mainly depends on what topic you choose and how you approach the topic. Therefore, it is necessary to pick a good topic for the dissertation. All the business research topic ideas listed here would help you to prepare an original and unique dissertation. So, if you wish to A+ grade, then, without any hesitation, continue reading this blog post and get unique ideas for business dissertation writing.

Tips for Choosing a Good Business Dissertation Topic

As said earlier, in the business dissertating writing process, identifying a topic is the first step you should execute. For writing a business dissertation paper, there are plenty of dissertation topics available in various areas of business and management. But usually when you have many topics, picking one ideal topic out of them would be challenging and confusing.

If you are asked to select a good business dissertation topic of your choice, then during topic selection, make sure to stick to the following dissertation topic selection tips.

  1. The topic you choose should be from the business research area that you have strong knowledge of.
  2. It should be meaningful and interesting to your readers.
  3. It should satisfy the dissertation requirements or writing guidelines of your professor or university.
  4. Never pick a topic with no or less research scope.
  5. The topic should be broad enough to cover all the aspects of the research question before the deadline.
  6. It should contain more information and credible sources for references.
  7. The topic you identify should support your preferred research method.
  8. Avoid choosing an old or outdated topic. Give preference to the latest ones.

Remember, the topic you select is said to be ideal, only if it satisfies the above-mentioned tips. At the time of choosing a dissertation topic, first, understand the research purpose, brainstorm the multiple topic ideas matching your research purpose and then pick a perfect topic by narrowing down the entire list.

After you have identified your dissertation topic, discuss it with your supervisors and get approval from them before you proceed to write the paper. As your supervisors are responsible for evaluating your work, consulting them in advance would help you to gain an idea of how to present your arguments or points in your business dissertation. Also, you can improve your work to score an A+ grade.


Business Dissertation Topics

Business Dissertation Topics and Ideas List

To write a business dissertation, your supervisors will either provide prompts for you to choose from, or they will ask you to choose a topic on your own. For selecting a business dissertation topic of your choice, you can very well check any online websites, business-related books, magazines, and journals.

As the topic selection is a time-consuming process, to make it easier for you, here, we have presented a list of the best business dissertation topics in various categories.

Explore the entire list of topic ideas and select a business dissertation topic from the area that suits you perfectly.

International Business Dissertation Topics

International business is identified as the exchange of goods or products among businesses operating in various countries. In order to boost the overall performance of the business on international terms, many companies follow a set of international business strategies. Those strategies mainly cover various trade aspects such as transportation, governmental rules, logistics, and so on. Here are some interesting dissertation ideas on international business.

  1. Explain the values of international business trade for the economy of developing countries.
  2. Research the characteristics of MNCs in the UK.
  3. Discuss the consequences of Brexit and its impact on international business strategy.
  4. Investigate the patterns of foreign direct investment in new global economies.
  5. Explain the impact of corporate governance on the performance and internationalization of business organizations.
  6. Analyze trade challenges at the world trade organizations.
  7. Discuss the role of new theoretical models with respect to global politics and business.
  8. What are the global challenges that international business managers face?
  9. Discuss social media applications and their relevance to international business management.
  10. Research the emerging trends in global business and their implications for economies.

Global Politics and Business Dissertation Topics

It is one of the important areas of international business that evaluates the link between global politics and global business. Mainly, it focuses on the important factors that affect international business and examines the political environment of a particular business. The following are some best global politics and business dissertation topics.

  1. How does Corporate Governance affect internationalization, globalization, and the performance of companies?
  2. Explain the effect of Brexit on British businesses, especially the average small and medium enterprise (SME).
  3. Research the performance of global business teams within MNCs.
  4. What is the role of new theoretical models with respect to global politics and business?
  5. Examine how MNCs apply Corporate Governance in China.
  6. How does globalization affect the way in which business teams work together?
  7. Examine the potential implications of Brexit for UK firms’ EU-based supply chain.
  8. Discuss the factors that affect multinational corporations’ choice of corporate political strategy.
  9. From a legal perspective, examine how firms entering the Chinese market manage political risk.
  10. How will Brexit affect the regulatory burden of large businesses and corporations in the United Kingdom and Europe?

Technology and Innovation Management Business Dissertation Topics

Technology and innovation management focuses on how organizations use technology and innovation as a strategy to improve their business operations. It majorly explains how technology has revolutionized the business environment by creating new opportunities and challenges to deal with. Listed below are some business dissertation topics on information technology and innovation management.

  1. What is the role of innovation in international marketing?
  2. How to enhance the business strategies by integrating advanced digital technology?
  3. Discuss the market challenges experienced by new UK mobile telecommunication companies.
  4. How has the integration of technology into HR improved organizational efficiency?
  5. Assess the role of innovation in the creation of new opportunities for SMEs in the UK.
  6. Research the role of online marketing in creating global supply chain networks.
  7. How innovation in AI is threatening the jobs of workers from labor-intensive businesses?
  8. Assess the technology diffusion models among online shoppers in the UK.
  9. How will 5G technologies affect the growth of digital consumer markets in the UK?
  10. Research how organizations suffer the negative effects of modern-day technology.
  11. How do innovation and entrepreneurship strengthen small businesses?
  12. How innovation can reduce the carbon footprint of large corporations without affecting their margins?
  13. Assess the role of social media in global branding.
  14. Explain how ICT integration has transformed the procurement of goods and services.
  15. Discuss the pros and cons of implementing information technology in the UK fashion industry.
  16. What is the role of information technology management in large diversified business organizations?
  17. Explain how new technology has helped in the progress of entrepreneurship.
  18. Discuss the impact of innovation and technology on improving customer service within an organization.
  19. Explain the use of big data analytics for the retention of customers in retail companies.
  20. Discuss the impact of technology on business ethics and policies.

Global Strategy for Business Dissertation Topics

A global strategy is a strategy that an organization builds to expand its business into the global market. The companies mainly develop this strategy to increase their sales across the world. For writing a business dissertation paper, you can choose any of the following business dissertation topics on global strategy.

  1. Discuss the business strategies and key success factors of Financial Holding Companies in the international environment.
  2. Explain the risks and benefits of an International Joint Venture.
  3. Research the exit strategy of foreign venture capital investment in the international private business sector.
  4. How does an organization benefit from an effective vendor management strategy?
  5. Develop an effective framework for knowledge sharing and utilization in global project teams.
  6. How should a business strategy be developed to expand a business in an international market?
  7. Research the problems of managing international collaboration in the military aero-engine business.
  8. Design a closed-loop supply chain for improving the sustainability of global business practices.
  9. Can entrepreneurship be utilized as an effective management strategy within a business unit?
  10. What are the new possibilities provided by Big Data in logistics and supply chain management?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Business Dissertation Topics

CSR is a self-regulating business concept that keeps a company socially responsible for the act of itself, the public, and shareholders. Some popular types of corporate social responsibilities include philanthropy, environment conservation, labor practices, diversity, and volunteering. Through these CSR activities, a company works for the welfare of society and builds its social image and brand value.

In recent times, CSR is highly-influential and companies that engage in CSR programs are getting a lot of benefits. Here we have presented some amazing CSR dissertation topics for you to choose from.

  1. Investigate the role of corporate social responsibilities in brand equity.
  2. Why should firms make corporate social responsibility a priority?
  3. How does Corporate Social Responsibility affect customer loyalty?
  4. What is the role of CSR on international corporate governance theories and practices?
  5. How does CSR affect organizational performance?
  6. Discuss the role of staff training in developing and executing CSR skills.
  7. How can firms successfully make CSR operable in the modern corporate environment?
  8. Discuss the effects of CSR on the performance of business organizations in transitional economies.
  9. Examine the role of CSR practices on the supply chain performance of manufacturing companies.
  10. Explain the role of board gender and foreign ownership in CSR performance.

Few Good Business Dissertation Topics and Ideas

Globalization refers to the spreading of business, products, information, technology, and jobs across national borders and cultures. In order to be competitive in the global market, organizations create unique business strategies. Listed below are a few dissertation topics on globalization and business strategy that you can adopt.

  1. What is the importance of ICT integration as a business strategy?
  2. Assess the impact of globalization on UK businesses operating on both international and local levels.
  3. Investigate the role of strategic alliances in creating global supply chain networks.
  4. Explain the impact of outsourcing strategies on the cost optimization of the business.
  5. Discuss the transformational strategies adopted by companies in the globalization era.
  6. Explain Cross border management strategy.
  7. How have countries changed their trade policies in the face of new global market challenges?
  8. Examine the factors that affect the social media strategy of business organizations in the UK.
  9. Analyze the effects of global business negotiations involving mergers and acquisitions on cross-border.
  10. Discuss the impact of the CEO’s personality on the expansion strategy of a business.
  11. Testing a model of an intervention procedure for evaluating the effectiveness of international business teams inside multinational organizations.
  12. How do internationalization, globalization, and company performance relate to corporate governance?
  13. What themes and pictures could cause cross-cultural resonance and dissonance in a global classroom with a mix of students from different countries and cultural backgrounds?
  14. An examination of how Brexit is expected to affect British businesses, particularly the typical small and medium-sized firm (SME).
  15. What effects will Brexit have on the regulatory burden faced by big businesses and organizations in the UK and Europe?
  16. Relations between business and government in the context of the contingency theory: strategy, structure, fit, and effectiveness.
  17. What is globalization, how does it function, and how does it affect how business teams operate?
  18. Considering the global strategy and local application of corporate governance in China by multinational firms.
  19. With rumors of a potential new Cold War between the West and China growing, how will businesses investing in China handle the political undercurrents?
  20. What elements influence the corporate political approach chosen by multinational corporations? analyzing the impact of perceived regulatory pressure on the political tactics of the firm.

International HRM Business Dissertation Topics

International Human Resource Management (IHRM) is a system that is built to improve the HR knowledge and skills that international organizations need. It specifically focuses on the activities that support organizations in managing human resources at an international level. The major activities of IHRM include recruiting, selecting, training, performance management, appraisal, and dismissals.

For writing your business dissertation, here we have suggested some business dissertation topics on International Human Resource Management.

  1. How does the HRM function impact the business health of organizations?
  2. How to build an effective human resource management system in large multinational companies?
  3. Explain the role of strategic human resource management in the public sector.
  4. What are the effects of organizational transition on employee commitment in large MNCs?
  5. Examine the impact of human resource professionals and human resource management in the new global economy.
  6. Explain the main factors that affect employee retention at international call centers.
  7. Discuss the configuration of the human resource management system in multinational companies.
  8. Can human resource development and training help to remedy poor selection processes?
  9. How can cultural differences in international collaborative projects be managed?
  10. Can job swaps between international workers improve inter-cultural working in multi-national organizations?

Strategic Change Management Dissertation Topics

The management of change and development within a business organization is identified as Change management. It mainly assists the managers to deal with change from various viewpoints of an organization and the individual. Here we have listed some finest strategic change management dissertation topics.

  1. What is the role of strategic change managers on employee creative behavior?
  2. What are the factors that influence leadership on the effectiveness of change management?
  3. Investigate the implementation of strategic change management in the UK retail sector.
  4. Discuss the role of strategic change managers on long-term employee commitment.
  5. What role can change management approaches take in supporting increased female representation in traditionally masculine firms?
  6. How social media can facilitate acceptance of change in international organizations?
  7. Explain the use of a proprietary change management system with respect to transformational change and stakeholder communication.
  8. Explain the key project management skills needed to execute a major change in the working culture of an organization.
  9. Discuss the strategic management of change in Asian countries.
  10. Explain the effect of feedback during organizational culture change.

Organizational Leadership Dissertation Ideas

Organizational leadership is an approach the business leaders follow to strategically guide and manage a group of people within their organization to attain a common goal. For writing your business dissertation paper, you can consider any of the below-mentioned organizational leadership dissertation topics.

  1. Discuss the effects of team innovation and leadership clarity in organizations.
  2. What is the role of organizational leadership in developing countries?
  3. Distinguish leadership from management to achieve corporate strategies.
  4. Review the relationship between leadership style and creativity.
  5. Evaluate the impact of leadership on organizational performance in a large and diversified firm.
  6. Write about Organizational leadership in a multicultural environment.
  7. Explain the differences between individual charismatic leadership and traditional organizational leadership.
  8. Assess the influence of personality traits on the adoption of leadership styles.
  9. Explain the role of leadership in an organization’s transformational change.
  10. Examine the impact of leadership on the organizational performance of small enterprises.

Organizational Behavior Dissertation Topics

The study of the behavior of individuals in the workplace or corporate setting is referred to as organizational behavior. It basically examines the impact of individual behavior on the overall performance of an organization. Here are a few exclusive organizational behavior dissertation topics.

  1. Explain the impact of culture on organizational behavior.
  2. Examine the decision-making process of MNCs in light of organizational behavior and choice.
  3. How is managerial behavior important to trust development to facilitate sharing of information in an organization?
  4. Examine ethical behaviors, practices, and norms in an organization.
  5. What is the role of the leaders in the effective implementation of anti-sexual harassment policies in an organization?
  6. Analyze the causes of unethical actions of individuals in the workplace.
  7. Explain the organizational ethics of workplace culture.
  8. Discuss the effectiveness of spiritual leadership on job outcomes.
  9. How can an organization reduce harmful human behavior in the workplace?
  10. What is the role of the leaders in the effective implementation of whistle-blowing policies in an organization?

Few Unique Business Management Dissertation Ideas

The coordination and organization of business activities within an organization are referred to as business management. Here are some captivating dissertation topics on business management that will help you score an A+ grade.

  1. Explain the Business management framework and globalization.
  2. Discuss the impact of globalization on business management.
  3. Explain the effect of gender equality on business management.
  4. How does employee motivation help businesses generate more money?
  5. Assess the impact of forwarding integration on business performance.
  6. Study the business management models in the hospitality industry.
  7. Analyze the risk management in senior management decisions.
  8. Discuss the business strategies to attract foreign investment.
  9. Analyze business models and sustainability in nature tourism.
  10. Discuss business management in pandemic times.

Other Interesting Business Dissertation Topics

Here are a few more interesting business dissertation topics that you can consider for writing your business thesis.

  1. Research the business culture and management strategy of China.
  2. Explain how to manage the vulnerability of the supply chain.
  3. How efficient is advertising for businesses that run in relatively uniform markets?
  4. Discuss the methods of inventory optimization.
  5. Explain the impact of corporate governance on firm performance and internationalization.
  6. Are incentives an efficient way to motivate workers or do they create an environment of competitive disputes?
  7. Explain the need of Search Engines in e-commerce.
  8. Assess the impact of materials management on production efficiency and cost optimization of business.
  9. Discuss the factors that influence the consumer’s buying decisions.
  10. Explain the role of Influencer Marketing in increasing sales.
  11. What is the role of change management under populist governments?
  12. What are the technological tools for seamless management of change in family-owned businesses?
  13. Analyze the advertising strategies of e-commerce companies.
  14. Discuss the effect of social media on customer behavior.
  15. Explain the importance of brand loyalty in internet marketing.
  1. Explain the impact of digital marketing on small enterprises.
  2. What role do small businesses play in global change?
  3. How can effective communication aid in dealing with multinational corporations?
  4. What is the impact of business sustainability on the organizational process?
  5. Explain the growth of the foreign exchange market in the globalization period.
  6. How does communication affect a company’s decision-making?
  7. Analyze the strategy and planning of investment banking in Islamic countries.
  8. Analyze the role of global marketing negotiations in the business deals in the Japanese market.
  9. Is cloud computing adaptable according to business needs in the IT industry?
  10. What is the role of Instagram influencers in Business marketing in the era of social networking?
  11. How does digital marketing influences businesses in the food industry?
  12. Evaluate the factors that affect organizational changes.
  13. How do environmental changes affect the Business and its sustainability goals?
  14. Evaluate the International management strategy in the context of FMCGs.
  15. Prepare a case study on regional Business growth and its impact on the business environment.

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