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Marketing Research Topics


Marketing is a broad field of study. It mainly concentrates on the creative activities that companies or business organizations carry out to promote and sell their products or services to their target audience. If you are a student who is pursuing a degree in marketing or business administration, then as a part of your course journey, you must submit a research paper to finish your graduation. For writing a business research paper or business dissertation topics, you can work on any interesting marketing research topics. In general, marketing is a vast discipline in which you can search and find plenty of research areas and topic ideas.

But when a discipline is broad, collecting the research topics and identifying one perfect topic out of it would be extremely challenging. So, to make the marketing research paper topic selection easier for you, here we have listed some excellent marketing research topics. Also, we have provided some important tips for selecting a good marketing research topic.

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How to Select a Marketing Research Topic?

To write a brilliant marketing research paper, first you should pick a great marketing research topic. Usually, your professors will provide some innovative research topics for you to choose from. But sometimes they will give you a chance to select the topic on your own. What would you do in such situations?

If you are asked to come up with a good marketing research topic for your assignment, then these are the things you should execute in order during topic selection.

  • Firstly, in the marketing field of study, identify the research area that you are passionate about.
  • Secondly, from the research area of your interest, gather more unique research topic ideas.
  • Thirdly, brainstorm all the research topic ideas that you have collected.
  • Next, narrow down your list by eliminating all the topics that have no or less research scope.
  • Finally, from the filtered marketing research topics list, perform a preliminary analysis and pick one research topic that suits you perfectly.

Tips for Choosing a Good Marketing Research Topic

The success of a research paper mostly depends on what dissertation topics you choose. So, be careful with your topic selection.  Here are some important marketing research paper topic selection tips that you can follow to spot a good topic.

  1. Identify a topic from the marketing research area that you have strong knowledge and experience of.
  2. Select a topic that is convenient for you to conduct research and write about.
  3. Know your target audience and choose a topic matching their interest.
  4. Select a topic that has broad research scope, huge information, and enough believable sources for references.
  5. Never go with a topic that is neither too specific nor too broad for discussion.
  6. Make sure to narrow down the topic if it is too wide to complete before the submission date.
  7. In order to set credibility, give preference to the topic that has proper data sources, proofs, and facts related to your research statement.
  8. Instead of choosing a topic from a popular research area, give significance to the research topic from a unique or ignored research area.
  9. Pick a topic that is original and trending.
  10. Finally, confirm the topic only if it meets the writing guidelines of your professor or university.



Marketing Research Topics

List of Marketing Research Topics and Ideas

For writing a marketing research paper, you can very well consider a research topic related to consumer behavior, digital marketing, social media marketing, international marketing, advertising, and so on.

If you are unsure what research topic to choose for your marketing research paper, then feel free to take a glance at the list below. The list will give you 150+ top-rated marketing research topics in various categories.

Go through the whole list and select a marketing research topic of your choice.

Digital Marketing Research Topics

Digital marketing is a branch of marketing that deals with the promotion of products, services, and brands through digital channels. Some popular digital channels include search engines, social media, websites, email, and mobile apps. Recently, in the modern world, businesses highly depend on digital marketing techniques and strategies to create brand awareness and increase sales. Here are a few unique digital marketing research topics that you can consider for writing a marketing research paper.

  1. Write about online marketing and internet security.
  2. Why competitor analysis is necessary to succeed in marketing your brand?
  3. How did Google’s mobile-first index affect online marketing?
  4. Analyze the effectiveness of internet marketing in growing sales: Prepare a case study of American companies.
  5. Discuss the latest trends in online marketing.
  6. Compare the effectiveness of traditional and modern marketing strategies.
  7. Do customers prefer buying their products online?
  8. Why does marketing content in online advertising go viral?
  9. What role do social media play in event promotion?
  10. Is affiliate marketing digital marketing?
  11. Assess the ROI of the most commonly used digital marketing strategies.
  12. What is the best digital marketing strategy for startups?
  13. Explain the differences between paid search and organic search.
  14. Does socially-responsible branding lead to enhanced sales?
  15. How can a brand benefit from paid ads by Google?
  16. Explain the top SEO tactics that you should avoid.
  17. What are the pros and cons of email marketing?
  18. How online marketing has helped brands stay open during the pandemic?
  19. What are the most efficient free tools for digital marketing competitor analysis?
  20. Explain the role of email marketing in lead generation.

Content Marketing Research Topics

Content marketing is an evolving marketing strategy. Basically, it deals with the creation, publishing, and distribution of content for the target audience online. The businesses that are operating online use this marketing strategy to grab the attention of the audience by creating and sharing relevant blog posts, articles, emails, videos, and other forms of content. The following are some great content marketing research topics.

  1. How to use content to improve email subscription rates?
  2. Write about the most effective content promotion strategies.
  3. Describe the role of micro-content in content marketing campaigns.
  4. How to create content your audience will be eager to share.
  5. Why does content go viral?
  6. How to create captivating e-newsletters that people will pay attention to?
  7. What are the video content marketing myths that should be discarded?
  8. How important is visual content for marketing?
  9. Explain how to create content on Pinterest.
  10. What is the pillar content and how to use it to grow sales?

Marketing Research Topics in Consumer Behavior

Marketing is all about how consumer behavior and the effective ways you can use to convince or manipulate your target audience in favor of your brand. Here are some marketing research topics on consumer behavior that will help you prepare an amazing marketing research paper.

  1. Does the customer pay attention to product labels?
  2. Analyze the need of studying consumer behavior when taking your business abroad.
  3. How do ads influence consumer behavior?
  4. Analyze the consumer’s buying behavior for wedding suits.
  5. Discuss the effects of women’s status on their buying behavior.
  6. How to measure the purchase intention.
  7. Does brand experience affect consumers purchasing decisions?
  8. Explain the major types of online consumer behavior.
  9. Discuss the influence of social media advertising on consumer behavior.
  10. How is globalization having an impact on consumer behavior?
  11. What do customers look for when purchasing products online?
  12. How to use loyalty programs as tools of marketing.
  13. Explain how corporate social responsibility affects consumer loyalty and behavior.
  14. What is the role of sensory marketing in consumer buying behavior?
  15. How can a brand exploit the impulse buying habits of consumers?

Social Media Marketing Research Topics

Social media marketing is a type of digital marketing that refers to the promotion of a company’s products or services through social media platforms. In recent times, many businesses prefer social media marketing techniques to build brand awareness, improve brand loyalty and authority, and connect with the target customers in a smarter way. Mentioned below are some interesting social media marketing research paper topics.

  1. Prepare a case study of Starbucks Social Media Marketing.
  2. Trace the history of social media marketing.
  3. What is the role of social media in lead generation?
  4. Explain the importance of Instagram reels in new product promotion.
  5. Discuss the advantages and challenges of targeted marketing with Facebook Ads.
  6. How can brand image be communicated via social media marketing?
  7. Explain the dos and don’ts of social media marketing.
  8. Does social media affect SEO ranking?
  9. Can a business succeed without social media marketing?
  10. How do social media affect travel businesses?
  11. Explain how social media affect the German Christmas market.
  12. How to pick the right social media platforms for your business.
  13. When is the best time to publish a social media post?
  14. Why should a business have unique hashtags?
  15. How to apply marketing mix on Facebook.

Influential Marketing Research Topics

Influential marketing is a type of social media marketing. It involves endorsements and product placements from influencers. For your convenience, here we have listed some unique influential marketing research topics.

  1. What is the impression of click-baited sponsored content on the consumers?
  2. How do business sales and marketing research relate to one another?
  3. Is video marketing a new marketing trend?
  4. How to rebuild trust in influencer marketing.
  5. Briefly explain the social media content promotion.
  6. What are the most powerful promotion techniques?
  7. Analyze the most effective techniques to produce leads.
  8. Is influencer marketing the most powerful form of marketing?
  9. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of social media platforms with respect to marketing.
  10. Explain the relevance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in brand development.

Marketing Research Topics in Distribution

No matter whether it is a startup or an advanced level, every business should have a proper distribution network to sell their products to the target customers. Here are a few best marketing research topics in distribution.

  1. What brand manipulation tactics can marketers use to get more clients?
  2. Is it effective to use black Friday for driving sales?
  3. Write about market segmentation.
  4. Explain the main factors that determine customer satisfaction in young adults.
  5. Compare the distribution systems used by small companies and multinationals.
  6. Discuss the link between marketing research and business sales?
  7. Analyze the best distribution strategies for new companies in offshore marketing.
  8. What mistakes should be avoided when crafting new marketing distribution channels?
  9. Write about modern business marketing tactics and paradigms.
  10. Describe the best strategies for integrating new products into the targeted clients’ lifestyles.

Sports Marketing Research Topics

Sports marketing deal with the promotion of sports events and teams. Also, it focuses on promoting other products and services through sports teams, events, and athletes. If you are a sports enthusiast, then for writing your marketing research paper, you can consider any topic from the following list of sports marketing research topics.

  1. Prepare an overview of the psychology of sports marketing.
  2. Explain the difference between sports marketing for male and female audiences.
  3. What are the effective mediums for sports marketing?
  4. How to market sport and attract the youth.
  5. Explain the ways to engage fans of the local sports club.
  6. Are sporting events marketed the same way to global audiences?
  7. How to market sport across international boundaries.
  8. Discuss the scope, challenges, and outcomes of sports marketing funding.
  9. Explain why sports marketing should target a specific demographic.
  10. How does sport marketing affect mega sporting events and stock prices?

Food Marketing Research Topics

Food marketing is a marketing strategy that is implemented for promoting the sale of certain food or food products. Generally, food companies adopt food marketing to build relationships with their customers, raise brand awareness, and promote a new product. Here are a few research topics related to food marketing.

  1. What are the benefits of food blogging?
  2. Discuss the effect of marketing on the food choices of the youth.
  3. Explain the importance of discounts in marketing efforts.
  4. Present the success story of a restaurant on how social media brought a change.
  5. Write about the popular food enthusiasts who do international food blogging in a proper way.
  6. Explain how food marketing has changed over the years.
  7. Do labels play a more important role in the purchase decision of food?
  8. Suggest some effective marketing channels to market food products.
  9. Discuss the rising trends in food marketing.
  10. Write about the e-commerce sites for fast food companies.

Research Topics on Advertising

In the field of marketing, advertising plays a vital role. Basically, advertising is a promotional technique used to bring products and services to the public notice. In order to sell a product or service to the target customers, the companies rely on advertising. In simple terms, advertising is nothing but marketing communication. Listed below are a few advertising research topics that will help you prepare a brilliant marketing research paper.

  1. Analyze the trend from traditional to online advertising media.
  2. Explain the effect of TV advertising on top of mind awareness.
  3. Can brand advertising impact political campaigns?
  4. Is radio still an effective method of advertising?
  5. Discuss the outcomes of advertising in a recession.
  6. How effective is comparison advertising to build brand equity?
  7. What are the harmful effects of advertising on kids?
  8. Does language targeting help in ethnic advertising?
  9. Explain the impact of humor in advertising.
  10. Can Facebook advertisements help businesses to grow?
  11. Research the effect of billboard advertisements on sales.
  12. Explain the black- and white-hat propaganda techniques in advertising.
  13. Discuss the popularity of ad blockers and the effect on brands advertising on digital media.
  14. Is TV advertising the correct way for retail brands to reach millennials?
  15. Are adaptable advertising strategies necessary in the digital age?

International Marketing Research Topics

International marketing refers to the marketing of goods and services across national borders to satisfy the needs of the customers. It mainly focuses on global marketing activities such as export, franchising, licensing, foreign investment, and joint venture. For writing a marketing research paper, you can make use of any topic from the below-mentioned international marketing research topics list.

  1. Create brand awareness by utilizing global event marketing.
  2. How is marketing by international brands perceived by local consumers?
  3. Do international brands always have advantages over local brands?
  4. How is international marketing affected by government policies?
  5. Discuss the entry into the international market with examples.
  6. How to market products on an international level.
  7. What are the effects of modern technologies on international marketing?
  8. How to use international marketing events to create brand awareness.
  9. Explain the evolution of international marketing.
  10. How is international marketing affected by trending social media content?

Fashion Marketing Research Topics

Fashion marketing is one of the interesting branches of marketing. In order to attract the target customers, the fashion brands mainly use fashion marketing strategies to market and advertise their fashion products starting from clothing to accessories. Here are a few fascinating fashion marketing research topics that will help you to prepare a top-notch marketing research paper.

  1. What are the innovative marketing strategies used in the fashion industry?
  2. Is White-hat Amazon SEO necessary to boost sales in the fashion industry?
  3. Are online fashion product reviews a top strategy for enhanced sales?
  4. Write about Retargeting ads for fashion brands.
  5. The optimum gap between new launches for clothing lines: A comparison between 10 leading brands.
  6. Is blogging an effective fashion marketing tool for smaller brands?
  7. Discuss the importance of fashion marketing across digital and traditional platforms.
  8. Research the number of social media posts required for a medium-sized apparel brand.
  9. Discuss fashion marketing in the digital age that leads to increased engagement.
  10. Is pairing digital ads and email marketing for maximum sales an effective strategy?

Tourism Marketing Research Topics

Tourism marketing is a marketing strategy that is used to promote products and services related to tourism. Mostly, it is adopted by hotels and travel agents to create brand awareness and increase consumer acquisition. It predominantly covers transport services, lodging services, and so on. If you are interested in tourism marketing, then for writing your marketing research paper you can very well pick any topic from the list below.

  1. How to promote local tourism using influencer marketing?
  2. Discuss the use of personalization in tourism marketing.
  3. What are the best platforms to promote tourism?
  4. Are drone videos a vital tool in tourism marketing?
  5. Is virtual reality a game-changer in modern-day tourism marketing?
  6. Discuss the effect of mobile bookings in tourism on consumer satisfaction.
  7. Explain the importance of a story-telling narrative in tourism marketing.
  8. Prepare a marketing analysis report of a story-telling narrative.
  9. Social media marketing is a factor in increased tourism in developing countries.
  10. Discuss the tourism destination marketing strategy.

Excellent Marketing Research Topics

Are you searching for excellent marketing research topics? Well, without any hesitation, make use of the list recommended below.

  1. Is display marketing declining?
  2. Brand promotion and the use of celebrities – Discuss its impact on the ROI.
  3. Explain the steps to implement Efficiency e-CRM.
  4. Analyze the functions of mobile marketing.
  5. Is centralized marketing for global brands a good idea?
  6. Are YouTube videos more engaging than TV ads?
  7. Explain the benefits of inbound marketing.
  8. Are grey SEO techniques safe?
  9. How important are psychographics methods in a marketing scheme?
  10. Compare the new market entry strategies of Uber and Netflix.

Amazing Marketing Research Topics

Here are some amazing research topic ideas that you can consider for writing your marketing research paper.

  1. Analyze how Apple was successful in global marketing.
  2. Is minimalism a returning trend in the world of branding?
  3. Write about relationship marketing in the post-pandemic era.
  4. Discuss the components of a Competitive Marketing Strategy.
  5. Does your start-up marketing strategy need influencer marketing?
  6. Is print advertising regaining popularity?
  7. A study of brand loyalty as a result of green marketing.
  8. Explain the components of the customer relationship management strategy.
  9. Discuss the importance of Artificial Intelligence to real estate business marketing strategies.
  10. How will augmented reality enhance marketing experiences?

Other Impressive Marketing Research Topics

Listed below are a few more impressive marketing research paper topics.

  1. How mobile marketing can be used to convey a brand image
  2. Analyze the strategies used in marketing baby and maternity products.
  3. Will immersion marketing through VR technology be accepted?
  4. How to find profitable niches in affiliate marketing?
  5. Explore the differences in marketing strategies across cultures.
  6. What are the pros and cons of chatbots?
  7. Explain how e-commerce systems work in the United States.
  8. How have online marketing ethics been improved by spam laws?
  9. Discuss the relationship between marketing and lifestyle.
  10. What are the psychological and social aspects of impulsive buying?
  11. How does corporate social responsibility relate to marketing ethics?
  12. Can Snapchat help small businesses grow?
  13. Explain the key differences between B2C and B2B Marketing Strategies.
  14. How to build a tactical marketing plan.
  15. Prepare a descriptive study of the popularity of green marketing in large economies.

Additional Amazing Marketing Research Topics

  1. The Most Effective Social Media Techniques to Increase Customer Engagement
  2. Analysis of the Effects of Social Media Marketing on Consumer Behavior
  3. The Link Between Lifestyle Branding Marketing Campaigns and Influencer Marketing Comparative analysis of targeting Millennials and Generation Z
  4. How Do Brand Personality and Brand Loyalty Fit Together? Do Cultural Differences Affect Marketing Messages and Strategies?
  5. Labels are more important when buying cosmetics than when buying food, according to research.
  6. What to Focus on to Avoid Losing Customers: Customer Satisfaction vs. Brand Loyalty
  7. Analyzing How Product Descriptions, Reviews, and Ratings Affect Purchase Decision
  8. The Most Important Technologies Applied to Enhance Online Customer Decision Making
  9. Inconsistencies in the Values of Products or Services as Communicated
  10. My business is too small to require marketing to succeed.

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