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Management Dissertation Topics


If you are a business school student, then obviously to finish your graduation you will have to work on any management dissertation topics. Management is a broad field of study that covers the various aspects of business management. The subject mainly talks about employee management, organizational behavior, risk management, business strategies, and many more. As the discipline is wide, for writing your management dissertation paper or thesis, you can very well choose any management topic of your choice.

Right now, are you confused about what topic to choose for your management research paper? Are you seeking excellent management dissertation topics for your assignments? Don’t worry! We are here to help you out.

In this blog post, we have compiled a list of amazing management dissertation topics in various categories. Additionally, in order to help you pick the ideal topic, we have also provided some key tips for selecting a good management dissertation topic.

Continue reading this blog post and gain exclusive topic ideas for management dissertation or thesis writing.

How to Select the Best Management Dissertation Topics?

A management dissertation paper is an academic writing that focuses on a particular management dissertation topic. In the dissertation writing process, identifying a perfect topic is the first step that plays a vital role in helping you score an A+ grade.

Usually, your professors will either share some research writing prompts or give you an option to select the topic on your own. No confusion arises when you have prompts in advance. But it might be challenging if you are given the liberty to choose a topic because management is a wide discipline with plenty of research areas and topics to focus on. When you have many topics, then out of them all, identifying one perfect topic would be tedious.

So, in case, you are asked to come up with the management dissertation topic, make sure to consider the below-mentioned tips during topic selection.

  1. Choose a topic from the research area that you have strong knowledge of.
  2. Go with the topic that is meaningful to your readers.
  3. Select a topic that matches the dissertation requirements of your professor or university.
  4. Give preference to the topic that supports both the practical and theoretical aspects of management.
  5. Pick a topic that has a considerable amount of data and credible sources for references.
  6. Never choose a topic with little or no research scope.
  7. Select a topic that is broad enough to cover all the aspects of an issue before the deadline.
  8. Choose a topic suitable for the research method of your preference.
  9. Pick the latest or current trending management dissertation topics, instead of topics that are old or outdated.
  10. Give importance to the management topics that involve technology and innovation.

Following all these tips would help you to identify a good management dissertation topic. But when choosing your dissertation or thesis topic, first understand the purpose of your research, brainstorm multiple dissertation topic ideas related to your research purpose, narrow down the entire list and then choose your ideal dissertation topic. Remember, the topic you select is said to be good only if satisfies the tips shared above.


Management Dissertation Topics

Management Dissertation Topics and Ideas List

Basically, topic selection is a difficult step that consumes more time and effort. So, in order to help you out, here, we have added a list of some captivating management dissertation topics and ideas.

If you have no idea what dissertation topic to choose for your management thesis, then you can very well pick one ideal topic that is convenient for you to perform research and write about from this list below.

Organizational Leadership Dissertation Topics

Organizational leadership is a management approach the business leaders follow to strategically guide and manage a group of people to achieve a common goal. The organizational leaders will keep their eyes on both the company and individuals. Here is a set of dissertation topics on organizational leadership that you can consider.

  1. Explain the concepts and outcome of the Management Audit.
  2. Compare autocratic and democratic leadership.
  3. Analyze the impact of Voice and Silence on destructive leadership.
  4. Assess the role of leadership in an organization to help adopt advanced technological systems.
  5. Prepare a case study of IT firms and demonstrate how leadership affects the productivity of employees.
  6. Explore the relation between ethical leadership and employee knowledge sharing.
  7. Explain the significance of leadership and social skills in new entrepreneurs.
  8. Analyze the impact of daily psychological power on organizational leaders.
  9. Explain how changing business leadership impacts technological organizational performance.
  10. Assess the organizational culture impact on leadership decisions to organizational reinvention.

Organizational Culture Management Dissertation Ideas

Organizational culture is a collection of expectations, practices, and values that an organization and the employees of that organization follow. In simple, it is a collection of traits that makes your company what it is. A company with good work culture can be the most successful in the market. For writing a management dissertation paper, you can choose any of the below-mentioned dissertation ideas on organizational culture.

  1. Describe the relationship between change in organizational culture and new management.
  2. How organizational culture influences the organization’s competitiveness in the market.
  3. Explain the impact of organizational culture on the adoption of management information systems.
  4. How should organizations develop a strong organizational culture?
  5. Discuss the effects of organizational culture on the employee’s motivation.
  6. Explain the importance of organizational culture.
  7. Discuss the impact of organizational culture and dynamics on the success of the business.
  8. Explain how policy feedback impacts the organizational change culture with respect to financial firms.
  9. Compare the concept of the modern workplace and remote working culture.
  10. Analyze the impact of individual perception of organizational culture on the learning transfer environment.

Organizational Behavior Dissertation Topics

Organizational behavior is nothing but the behavior of individuals in the workplace or corporate setting. On the whole, it studies the effect of individual behavior on the overall performance of an organization. Listed below are some organizational behavior dissertation topics.

  1. Discuss the impact of organizational goals on organizational behavior.
  2. How to improve organizational performance through the principles of strategic human resource management and strategic human capital?
  3. Why should companies promote ethical and organizational citizenship behavior?
  4. Evaluate the effects of employee empowerment on workplace performance.
  5. Discuss the connection between the organizational culture and your national culture.
  6. Explain how the current evolution of big data can be applied in influencing organizational behavior in the retail sector.
  7. How organizational behavior ensures success?
  8. Discuss what organizational factors are essential in influencing positive organizational reviews in the retail sector.
  9. Evaluate the connection between the persona of a CEO and the motivation of the employees.
  10. Discuss the impact of talent management, work-life balance, and retention strategies in the hospitality industry.

Dissertation Topics on International Business Strategy

An international business strategy is a business plan a company creates to do its business operations in the international market. Here are some amazing dissertation topics on international business strategy.

  1. Analyze the organizational export performance by the International Business Competencies
  2. How can social media facilitate the rate of acceptance in international organizations?
  3. Are organizational culture and international business competition are interrelated?
  4. Discuss the risks and benefits of International Joint Revenue.
  5. Evaluate the entry strategies of the foreign companies into the Android smartphone market of India.
  6. Explain how social media can facilitate the rate of acceptance in international organizations.
  7. Assess the factors that influence international differences in the gender pay gap.
  8. What is the role of the World Bank in the economy at the international level?
  9. Explain how the banks can improve international connectivity with business clients.
  10. Assess how the push and pull factors combined in order to motivate Tesco to accommodate an internationalization strategy.

Strategic Management Dissertation Topics

The process of setting goals, objectives, and procedures to make an organization more competitive is referred to as strategic management. In order to analyze the areas of improvement, the organizations mostly follow a strategic management approach. Listed below are some strategic management dissertation topics.

  1. What is the role of strategic alliances in promoting global supply chain networks?
  2. Explain how the strategic culture defines the role of leadership in an organization.
  3. Explain the different models of Strategic Human Resource Management and how they influence business.
  4. Discuss the organizational strategies for enhancing competitive strategy in the UK market.
  5. Prepare a review of business strategy and how technology rules over it.
  6. A comparative study of the mergers and acquisitions, as well as the strategic alliances in the e-commerce sector.
  7. Can the opportunistic, planned, or forced decisions be really termed as a strategy?
  8. Discuss the influence of Strategic Knowledge Management in the MNC culture.
  9. Discuss the impact of Strategic Knowledge Management from the performance viewpoint of a manufacturing firm.
  10. Define the functions and relationships among the strategic orientations, international diversification, performance of organizations, and cultural intelligence.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research Ideas

For the success of a business, innovation plays a vital role. When it comes to writing a management dissertation paper, you can choose any of the following research ideas on business innovation and entrepreneurship.

  1. Review different business innovation models and theories.
  2. Explore the business model innovation process.
  3. Investigate the innovation management challenges.
  4. Explore the opportunities for entrepreneurial innovation in the private sector of China.
  5. Explain how the companies impact innovation and technology within the suppliers.

Enterprise Risk Management Dissertation Topics

Building a business is not an easy job. In order to generate more profit and travel on a successful path, the organizations regularly face multiple risks such as bankruptcy, financial risk, environmental risks, competitive risks, political risks, and so on. You can choose any of the below-mentioned enterprise risk management topics for your dissertation.

  1. Study the enterprise risk management practices.
  2. Analyze and explain the risk management in the decisions made by senior management.
  3. What are the measures that an enterprise can take to prevent financial disasters that occurred because of security breaches?
  4. Explain how the enterprise risk management system is successfully implemented by the business managers in the Mexican gas and oil industry?
  5. Discuss some of the effective risk management tools used in the tourism industry.

Project Management Dissertation Ideas

The process of leading the work of a team and helping them to achieve all the project goals within the deadline is referred to as project management. Each business follows a unique approach to managing its projects. Here are a few project management dissertation ideas.

  1. What is the influence of artificial intelligence (AI) on project management?
  2. What are the key approaches to hybrid project management?
  3. Evaluate the critical capabilities of outsourcing as well as offshoring the information systems projects.
  4. Discuss project management within a multicultural environment and establish the guides for culture-specific consulting.
  5. What is the importance of soft skills in ideal project management?

Knowledge Management Dissertation Topics

The process of creating and sharing collective knowledge within an organization is called knowledge management. For writing a management research paper, you can choose any of the following knowledge management dissertation topics.

  1. What are the key benefits that knowledge management capability brings to organizations?
  2. Explain the importance of the knowledge management process model in the success of the business.
  3. Describe how the knowledge management process plays a role in an organization’s operations.
  4. Application of knowledge management in technology firms.
  5. Explain the impacts of knowledge management on businesses.
  6. What challenges does an organization face while developing a framework of organizational knowledge management?
  7. Discuss employees’ flexibility towards new job positions with knowledge management strategies.
  8. Compare the approach to knowledge management capabilities between two groups.
  9. Address the scope of knowledge sharing between the organizations.
  10. Explore the managerial concerns and issues in knowledge management and their impact on organizations.

Marketing Management Dissertation Ideas

Marketing management refers to strategies, tools, and analyses that an organization uses to promote its products. In business management, marketing plays a major role. Listed below are some marketing management dissertation ideas you can choose to write about.

  1. Discuss the impact of social media on the decision-making process of consumers.
  2. Explain how the new technologies can help modern businesses.
  3. Are the pop-up advertisements effective?
  4. Explain the role and functions of Influencer Marketing in promoting sales.
  5. Discuss how critical is brand loyalty in terms of Internet marketing.
  6. What amendments are needed in the marketing strategies?
  7. What are the impacts of packaging on the sales of cosmetic firms?
  8. Discuss the new marketing strategies that social media need.
  9. Explain the role of efficient marketing in the small business sector.
  10. How is marketing related to the economy of any nation?

Business Management Dissertation Topics

  1. How do the changes in wages affect the business costs?
  2. Explain the importance of work-life balance in the modern business environment.
  3. Analyze business models and sustainability in nature tourism.
  4. Discuss the impact of globalization on business management.
  5. Explain the impact of innovative business models on the growth of businesses.
  6. Discuss how the productivity of the employees and the business hit the employee benefits.
  7. Analyze the business case for corporate social responsibility.
  8. Evaluate the cost-leadership, market orientation, and business performance.
  9. Discuss the impact of gender equality on business management.
  10. Write about business management in pandemic times.

Outstanding Management Dissertation Topics

  1. Discuss the human resource management challenges in MNCs.
  2. Explain the ways to improve an organization’s pricing strategy.
  3. Explain the relationship between marketing strategies and sales.
  4. How to create and promote a domestic geo-brand?
  5. Discuss the role of visual merchandising in e-commerce.
  6. What are the effects of reward systems on employee performance?
  7. Discuss how to improve the organization’s competitiveness.
  8. Explain how to manage client relationships in the financial sector.
  9. What are the best leadership styles for SMEs?
  10. Discuss the influence of HR policies on employee job satisfaction.

Interesting Dissertation Topics in Management

  1. Prepare a case study on the management of a family-owned business.
  2. What are the different types of leadership styles?
  3. Prepare a PESTLE Analysis case study.
  4. Explain the role of online advertising tools in increasing business visibility.
  5. Explain organizational change management.
  6. Discuss the importance of the International Framework Agreement in the corporate value chain structure.
  7. Explain how the professionals deal with gender issues and the global gender inequality in work culture.
  8. How does the global influence of climate change affect the business interests of the tourism industry?
  9. What strategies do big companies adopt to overcome leadership scams?
  10. McDonald’s case study SWOT Analysis.
  11. Write about Multicultural employees in an organization and issues related to it.
  12. How to deal with internal conflicts?
  13. What are the effects of Sustainable business technicalities?
  14. Discuss the role of social media marketing in attracting customers.
  15. Compare the latest marketing tools and traditional marketing tools.

Latest Management Dissertation Topics

  1. How does organizational image affect employees’ attitudes?
  2. Explain the impact of HR management practices on employee commitment and turnover intent.
  3. Determine the effect of company ownership and level of employees on stress level.
  4. Write about Organizational job rotation practices.
  5. Discuss the impact of mentoring on career success.
  6. Discuss the effects of fun at the workplace and employee productivity.
  7. Explain the impact of non-monetary compensations on employees’ performance.
  8. Analyze the perpetual relationship between overtime and output.
  9. Explain the impact of diversity and conflict on performance.
  10. Determine the effect of flexible working hours on employee performance.
  11. Integrating Strategic Human Capital Management and Strategic Human Resource Management Principles to Enhance Organizational Performance
  12. Analyzing the effects of family and non-family firm goals on organizational behavior, strategy, and family.
  13. Considering the Mediating Effect of Leadership in the Analysis of Strategy, Innovation, Networks, and Complexity on Organizational Adaptability.
  14. Examining the Intrapsychic and Behavioral Reactions of White Male Top Managers to the Appointment of a Racial Minority Female CEO.
  15. Analysis of an Affect-Based Model’s Capability to Represent Recipient Reactions to Organizational Change Events.
  16. analyzing the connection between a CEO’s personality and employee motivation.
  17. evaluating how managers contribute to and carry out technological change inside an organization.
  18. Why Do Employees Resist Change in an Organizational Change Management Analysis?
  19. The link between sustainable competitive advantage and knowledge management techniques at private business schools in the UK.
  20. The Performance of Manufacturing Firms in Relation to Strategic Knowledge Management

Final Words

For writing your management dissertation paper, feel free to use any topic from the list of management dissertation topics and ideas suggested above. You can also come up with the best topic by using your own creativity and subject knowledge. In case, you need management dissertation writing help, reach out to us immediately. We have skilled dissertation writers with a Ph.D. in Management to offer assistance for management dissertation or thesis writing.

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