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How Many Pages is 1000 Words


In your class, while your teachers assign any academic paper writing work, you would have heard them saying “The essay should be 1000 words or more”. Do you know the exact meaning of that? Actually, are you aware of how many pages is1000 words? Especially, to help you gain a better understanding of the page count, here, we have mentioned how to calculate the page count based on the word count. Also, we have specified the factors to consider for the page count calculation.

Continue reading this blog post and learn about the formatting of academic content in a paper or document.

Total Page count for 1000 words

So, what is the page count for 1000 words? In general, the total page count varies based on the formatting style and the writing medium you prefer to use. Usually, your teachers will either ask you to submit the essay or academic paper in a typed or handwritten format. If it is a typed format, then you can use word processors like MS Word, Google Docs, or any other software. But for handwritten one, it is good to go with A4 paper.

No matter whether it is a handwritten or typed one, the total page count will differ based on the formatting factors. The popular formatting factors that should be taken into account include font style, font size, spacing, and margin.

Below, let us have a closer look at how to estimate the page count based on words.

Handwritten Words

Basically, the handwriting of each individual will be unique. Therefore, while using handwritten words, you can exactly define the total page count. In specific, the size of the handwritten words will be twice as big as the typed words of size 12. Note that it would take at least 4 pages to write1000 words if you use handwritten words with a single spacing of length. But this estimation is true only when handwritten words with a single spacing of length are similar to double-spaced typed words.

Typed Words

One of the formal ways to submit an academic paper is in typed format. Besides the academic paper, you can also use the typed format for creating blog posts and articles. Especially, when it comes to writing essays or short stories, your instructors will specify the formatting guidelines for you to follow. The commonly used format of an essay is double spacing, Times New Roman font type, and font size 12 pt.

Remember, it will take 4 pages to write 1000 words with Times New Roman font of size 12 pt and double spacing. Say, on average, an individual can type nearly 40 words in a minute. As per that average calculation, it would take around 30 minutes for you to write 1000 words of content. But, certainly, the entire duration of writing 1000 words will change according to the difficulty of the dissertation topic and the time needed for performing research.

Mostly, for typed words, the total count of the page will depend on formatting factors. For example, it will take two and a half pages to include 1000 words, if you type a paper with single spacing. Likewise, totally it will cover 3 pages if the spacing you use is 1.5.

Formatting Factors to Consider for Page Count Calculation

As discussed earlier, the total number of pages you write will typically vary based on the following factors.

  • The average length of words
  • Spacing
  • Font style
  • Font size
  • Margins

Here, in detail, let us learn about the popular formatting factors.


The total page count will mostly change as per the font style and size. That is why your teachers define the length of your academic paper in terms of words instead of pages. Also, if they give you a total page count, then chances are there for you to fake the page length. Say, you can alter your margins and font styles to reach the expected page count. So, in order to avoid such things, teachers primarily concentrate on the word length of the academic paper rather than the pages count.

While assigning academic paper writing work, generally teachers will mention certain formatting guidelines. In the guidelines, they will specify the font size and style to follow. The default font size to maintain in the academic documents is 12 pt.

Some standard font styles you can use for writing academic papers include Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri, and Verdana. In general, all these font styles share characters of the same width, height, and spacing. Therefore, all these fonts would help you to include 1000 words in 4 pages.

If you use sans serif font such as Courier, then your total page count would vary. Basically, the Courier font type has wide letters and spacing. So, applying a wider font style may take at least four and a half pages for you to produce 1000 words.


Similar to the font style and size, the overall page count also varies depending on the margins. The standard format for writing an academic paper is Times New Roman font of size 12 pt. Also, by default 1-inch margin all around the paper should be maintained.

Note that, you can achieve a neat look if you add a 1-inch margin all around the paper. More commonly, the popular style guides such as APA and MLA also follow the 1-inch rule. So, before you extend the margin, think twice because it may lead to changes in the overall page count.

Basic Structure of 1000 Words Essay

While writing academic papers or essays, you should have an idea of how to organize and structure your ideas. Especially when you structure your paper properly, then it would become easy for your readers to understand your content. Also, the flow of your narration will look coherent if the paper is well-structured.

When it comes to writing academic papers or essays, make sure to craft them as per the standard format. The academic paper you write should contain separate sections such as the introduction, body, and conclusion.

If you are asked to write 1000 words essays, then be certain to divide the essay into three sections as mentioned below.

  • Introduction: 100 to 200 words
  • Body: 600 to 800 words
  • Conclusion: 100 to 200 words

Following this structure would help you to complete the paper within 1000 words. Never allow all these numbers to distract you from reaching your goal. Try to include all the major points relevant to the essay topic without exceeding the limited word count of each section.

How many pages is 1000 word?

Here is brief information on how many pages is 1000 words.

  • Handwritten words, Single Spacing: 4 Pages
  • Single Spacing, Typed words: 2 Pages
  • Typed words, Double Spacing: 4 Pages
  • Paragraphs: How many paragraphs is 1000 Words – 5 to 10 paragraphs (100 to 200 words or 5 to 6 sentences in each paragraph)
  • Sentences: How many sentences is 1000 Words – 50 to 67 sentences(15 to 20 words in each sentence)

Page Count Calculation Based on Words

For your reference, below we have presented the estimated page count for various word counts. Check the table and get a better understanding of the overall page count.


How Many Pages is 1000 Words

Bottom Line

If you have a clear idea about your topic and the word count to maintain, then academic paper writing will not appear tough for you. In case, your teacher shares any specific writing guidelines, make sure to stick to that format. Remember, your chances of getting good scores will increase, if your academic paper meets the writing specifications and formatting guidelines of your instructor.

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