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Descriptive Essay Topics


Creativity is the key to writing the perfect descriptive essay. Therefore, one must think out of the box to give dimensions to their creativity and write a perfect descriptive essay. However, for a perfect descriptive essay topic, you must touch on current issues; look after resources in the sphere, and other things.

The descriptive essays are form of genre essays in which you have to describe about objects, experience, situation, emotions, places and other persons. The descriptive essay topics always encourage students to show their creativity and write the best essays with their own experience.

So, if you still are wondering how to write excellent descriptive essay topics, here we’ve summed up more than 100 ideas for descriptive essay writing. Therefore, you must look at and choose any of the descriptive essay topics of your choice quickly from the below-mentioned topics.

Different Descriptive Essay Topics Based on Your Writing Goals

Following are the ideal topics for the descriptive essays you can choose to write the most challenging topics. The descriptive essay topics we’ve crafted here are appealing and provide common ground for the audience. Out of all the essay topics, some are general descriptive essay topics, whereas some are random. Depending on your goals, you can pick any of these.


Descriptive Essay Topics


Let’s get started.

Creative Descriptive Writing Essay Topics Based on Feelings

These are some of the creative descriptive essay topics on feelings. You can translate the works so readers can easily relate to the topics.

  1. How do you get out of the fear of thunderstorms
  2. How the classical music piece makes you feel like
  3. How does it feel to bring a pet home
  4. How it feels when you get something you are longing for
  5. That feeling of finding your precious thing when you have already lost them forever
  6. How it feels when you have lost something very precious to you.
  7. How a cliffhanger can change your mood or make you feel
  8. How does the sudden demise of your favorite person make you feel
  9. How does the act of kindness from a random stranger make you feel
  10. How does the death of your favorite artists make you feel
  11. How to navigate the heart feelings that come after a breakup
  12. How does a hobby can help to stay calm
  13. How does the upbeat or off-beat music make you feel
  14. How you can deal with your frustration about learning something new
  15. The feeling of winning something
  16. The feeling of losing your best friend
  17. The joy of having a new pet
  18. How do you feel when you are speaking publicly in front of an audience
  19. The feeling of having a newborn baby at home
  20. The feeling of mending a broken relationship.

Random Descriptive Essay Topics

Sometimes random descriptive essay topics can help to create an excellent descriptive essay. Random essay topics can be related to issues, feelings, objects, and experience descriptions. However, the topics might be limitless, but we have sorted out some of the best topics, which are as follows:

  1. Your experience of visiting an art exhibition
  2. Watching the cricket game
  3. Tell me about the oldest school in your state
  4. Your experience of visiting a haunted location
  5. The monarch butterfly flying in your garden
  6. Your workplace where you spend most of your time
  7. Tell me about the scariest book that you ever read in the past
  8. The hidden talent in you
  9. Tell me about the most precious gift that you ever had received
  10. The feeling of getting a promotion at your workplace
  11. How do you survive an earthquake
  12. Tell me about your favorite Smartphone
  13. The worst thing that you ever experienced in your life
  14. How did you make your favorite dessert
  15. How did you apply for your first job
  16. What is your weekend routine
  17. How did you clean your whole wardrobe
  18. Your experience of visiting the beach for the first time
  19. What is your weekend routine
  20. How do you go for a long trip with your family

Narrative Descriptive Essay Topics on Famous People

Famous personalities are the best topics for writing a descriptive essay. So, if you’re searching for descriptive essay topics on famous persons, look.

  1. Describe Michael Jackson’s (King of Pop) Journey
  2. Describe the light of the Mahatma Gandhi
  3. Describe the Martin Luther King Jr.
  4. Describe your favorite music band
  5. Describe the journey of Margaret Thatcher
  6. Describe the familial relationship between Juliet and Romeo
  7. Describe the principal of your high school
  8. Describe the Caesar Augustus
  9. Describe your favorite business entrepreneur
  10. Describe the famous preacher in your region
  11. Describe the current prime minister of your country briefly
  12. Describe the iconic superstar and actress of your country
  13. Describe a famous athlete in your country
  14. Describe the current Indian President
  15. Describe Marie Curie and her achievements
  16. Describe in detail about famous Boxer Mike Tyson
  17. Describe Diego Maradona, the famous football legend
  18. Describe Dr. Ben Carson (the most popular neurosurgeon)
  19. Describe the history of Indian cinema
  20. Describe Nelson Mandela (South African President)

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Some Other Descriptive Essay Topics

If you didn’t find an excellent descriptive essay topic to write, then here are some more random topics. With these descriptive essay topics, you’ll be able to write the best essay and leave a great impression on readers’ minds.

  1. Explain the scariest dream that you ever had
  2. Tell about your backstage experience before performing in the show
  3. Tell me about your favorite teacher
  4. An old watch that you still have with you
  5. Share your experience of watching the sunset from your balcony
  6. What do you love about the nature
  7. Tell me about your favorite festival
  8. Things you always carry with your while going on a journey
  9. What your family meeting entails
  10. Any special gift you get from someone
  11. The most boring trip that you ever had in your life
  12. The eventful day you have
  13. The tradition you follow the most
  14. How do you prepare for your exams
  15. The most valuable artwork you have with you
  16. How do you get stuck in an elevator
  17. Tell about your experience of candlelight dinner
  18. The best places to visit and to get tattoos
  19. Your vivid memories of exploring a beautiful place
  20. What is your fondest memory with your schoolmates

Bottom Line

Choosing a descriptive essay topic can be a challenging task. But now you have the best descriptive ideas to choose from. So, it will be easier for you to decide on the topics. However, if you are still unsatisfied with the current topics explained above, you can take the idea from the above mentioned topics and write your own. If you need dissertation help assistance, then get in touch with us.

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