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Are you a law student who is looking for dissertation topics? Well, if yes, then you can work on any criminology dissertation topics and ideas for your thesis. Basically, criminology is a sub-discipline of law that examines crime from a social perspective. Also, it studies the relationship between human behavior and crimes. For writing a criminology dissertation, firstly, all you need is a good topic. In general, criminology is a vast discipline with plenty of research areas and topics to focus on. However, when you have many topics, it would become tough for you to pull one ideal topic from it.

So, in order to help you out, here we have recommended a list of great criminology dissertation topic ideas on various categories of crimes. Additionally, we have also shared the important steps for writing a top-notch Ph.D. Criminology dissertation.

Continue reading this blog post and get gripping ideas for the criminology dissertation.


Criminology Dissertation Topics


How to Write a Criminology Dissertation?

Do you know how to write a criminology dissertation? If you are unaware, then remember to execute the following steps sequentially.

  1. Firstly, read and understand the dissertation writing guidelines of your university.
  2. Secondly, search and find a good criminology dissertation topic from the research area related to crimes.
  3. Thirdly, analyze the criminology dissertation topic and generate a strong thesis statement.
  4. Fourthly, conduct deep research on the topic by checking various credible sources, and then collect the major ideas for discussion.
  5. Fifthly, with the ideas you have gathered, prepare a dissertation outline.
  6. Next, structure your ideas into different sections such as the introduction, body, and conclusion. In the introductory paragraph, introduce your topic to the readers and present your thesis statement. Next, in the body paragraphs, explain all the major points relevant to your essay topics with valid supporting evidence. Then, close the dissertation by summarizing all the main points and include a thesis restatement.
  7. After you complete writing the dissertation, reference and cite your sources as well.
  8. Finally, once you finish writing your criminology dissertation, remember to proofread and edit the draft, if it contains any spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors. The final copy of the dissertation that is ready for submission should be formatted as per the requirements of your university, and it should be flawless and original.

List of Criminology Dissertation Topics and Ideas

To write a criminology dissertation, plenty of dissertation topics and ideas are available. Terrorism, racism, discrimination, victimization, domestic violence, and criminology theories are some common areas that you can focus on for writing your criminology dissertation.

In case, you find it difficult to come up with a good criminology dissertation topic, have a look at the list of criminology dissertation topic ideas suggested below, and from it pick a topic that you have strong knowledge or interest in.

Criminology Dissertation Topics on Terrorism

Terrorism is one of the most serious crimes in the world. In general, terrorism refers to the use of violence and fear by a particular group of people to achieve an ideological aim. There are a lot of terrorist groups in various countries who are involved in several deadly terrorist activities. If you are a criminology student, then you can write your criminology dissertation on any of the following terrorism-related topics.

  1. Explore how the US forces respond to terrorist activities.
  2. Analyze the bombings of the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania.
  3. Implications of the 9/11 attack on the safety of airlines.
  4. How to detect terrorist plans before they come of age.
  5. Discuss the relationship between radicalization and terrorism.
  6. Explain the reasons why the media serve as a super-spreader of fear during terrorist attacks.
  7. Discuss how ISIS lures young men to join them.
  8. Assess the impact of terrorism on religious profiling of people.
  9. Explain how technology has helped advance terrorist activities in the country.
  10. Discuss the role of intelligence services in combating terrorism.
  11. What is the role of the UN Mission in keeping terrorists at bay?
  12. Explain the role of community anti-terrorism awareness programs.
  13. How to cut off funding for terrorist activities.
  14. Discuss the role of surveillance in countering terrorism activities.
  15. How to empower minors against terrorism.
  16. Explain the psychological implications of terrorism activities.
  17. How to prevent young men from joining terrorist groups.
  18. Discuss the breeding of local terrorism in countries.
  19. Why do terrorists take hostages and threaten to detonate bombs?
  20. How terrorism creeps into conflict zones.

Criminology Dissertation Topics on Drugs

Like terrorism, the drug is also a serious crime. In our world, organized drug-related crimes such as drug trafficking, illegal drug production and distribution are being committed by certain gangs. Also, because of the existence of drugs in society, a lot of other critical crimes are also increasing day by day. The following are some criminology dissertation topics on drugs that you can consider for writing your law thesis.

  1. Evaluate heroin and cocaine users.
  2. What are the most commonly abused drugs by teens in the United Kingdom?
  3. Discuss the impact of legalizing marijuana on criminal behavior.
  4. Explain how to curb drug and substance abuse among college students.
  5. Explore the different types of crimes resulting from drug abuse.
  6. What are the post-traumatic drug disorders that lead to criminal activities?
  7. Discuss the impact of excessive drug abuse on one’s mental state.
  8. Explain how doping technology helps to curb drug and substance abuse.
  9. Discuss the effective ways to eradicate corruption caused by criminal behavior.
  10. What is the role of the media in sensitizing society against the adverse effects of drugs?
  11. Compare the impacts of cannabis and alcohol on a person’s behavior.
  12. Analyzing the effectiveness of drug courts.
  13. Review the harm done to society by drugs.
  14. Explain the influence of drugs on sexual assaults.
  15. How does the club culture enhance drug abuse in society?

Criminology Dissertation Topics on Crime and Victimization

In our world, daily a lot of crimes are happening and many people are becoming victims. Here let us have a look at the list of criminology dissertation topics on crime and victimization.

  1. How does ownership of firearms correspond with law violations?
  2. What is the connection between family status and law violation?
  3. Discuss the role of gender in law violations.
  4. Share the major reasons for the increased crime rate across the globe?
  5. Does the crime rate depend on the neighborhood?
  6. How does social class correlate with a crime rate?
  7. What are the causes of violence in society?
  8. How does the weather correspond with law violations?
  9. Explain the reasons for homeless imprisonment.
  10. Is there a connection between mental health and law violations?

Criminology Dissertation Topics about Prisons

A prison is a place of confinement for lawbreakers or persons who have committed serious crimes. As the prison is closely associated with crimes, for writing a criminology dissertation, you can very well choose any topic from the following list.

  1. Investigate reports of sexual abuse in prisons.
  2. Analyze the cases of convicts killed in prisons.
  3. Explain how prison wardens contribute to crime in prisons.
  4. What is the role of society in helping criminals change?
  5. Should all offenders be kept in one prison irrespective of their crimes?
  6. Explain the role of prison wardens in shaping the conduct of prisoners.
  7. Do prisons deny inmates their human rights?
  8. What should determine the suitability of an officer as a prison warden?
  9. Is denying prisoners visitations a catalyst for their aggressive behavior?
  10. Compare and contrast crime in female and male prisons.

Criminology Dissertation Topics on Knife Crimes

Knife crimes are nothing but criminal offenses that are committed using a knife as a weapon. The following are some criminology dissertation topics on knife crimes that you can consider for writing your research paper.

  1. Compare knife crimes in Europe and Asia.
  2. How do some police officers rob banks and participate in serious crimes?
  3. Do the media exaggerate terrorism activities?
  4. Explain the motivating factors for knife criminals.
  5. Discuss the impact of political tensions on criminal activities.
  6. Analyze the effectiveness of the pocket knife rules & laws
  7. Compare the knife rules of the United States to those of the UK.
  8. What is the impact of cybercrime on international peace and security?
  9. Review knife crimes trends in the 21st century.
  10. How the media stereotypes young people as criminals?

Mental health plays an important role in committing a crime. When it comes to writing a criminology dissertation, from the perspective of mental health, you can research and write about how dangerous crimes are committed. The following is a list of some powerful criminology dissertation topics based on mental health.

  1. How trauma forces a person to commit a crime.
  2. Discuss the need for mental therapies for criminals charged with murder.
  3. Evaluate the association between mental illness and crime.
  4. Explain the role of a mental check-up in a criminal investigation.
  5. Discuss how phobias prevent or trigger people about crime.
  6. Explain how the media impacts the mental health of a person in committing a crime.
  7. Discuss the relationship between aggressive behavior and mental disorders.
  8. Explain how anxiety and depression may cause one to premeditate committing murder.
  9. What are the possible mental disorders that make teenagers commit crimes?
  10. Discuss the mental health of sexual offenders.

Criminology Dissertation Topics on Domestic Violence

Violence committed by family members or relatives in the victim’s domestic circle is referred to as domestic violence. Globally, the victims of domestic violence are women. In general, mental abuse, physical abuse, and sexual abuse in the domestic setting or something related to marriage is known as intimate partner violence and are also treated as a crime. The following are some criminology dissertation topics on domestic violence that will be helpful for your thesis topics work.

  1. Analyze the various aspects of domestic violence.
  2. Discuss the acts that lead to psychological intimidation in domestic violence.
  3. Explain the economic impacts of domestic violence.
  4. Discuss the implications of the Domestic Abuse Bill in the UK.
  5. How to look out for warning signs in the case of domestic violence.
  6. Are domestic violence acts ‘terroristic’ in nature?
  7. What is the role of grants and government funds in supporting anti-domestic violence movements?
  8. Research and write about the various forms of domestic violence in the 21st century.
  9. Explain the social structures that reinforce the suppression of women.
  10. Discuss the role of writers in speaking out against domestic violence.
  11. Review domestic violence within military families.
  12. How postpartum depression and domestic violence are related?
  13. Analyze the main legal issues for women who are victims of domestic violence.
  14. Is there any relation between popular culture and domestic violence?
  15. Discuss the trends of domestic violence in Spain.

Forensic Psychology Dissertation Topics

Forensic Psychology refers to the application of psychological knowledge and methods in answering legal questions arising in criminal proceedings. This field mainly combines the practice of psychology and law. Listed below are some forensic psychology dissertation topics that you can take into account for writing your law research paper.

  1. How to investigate a crime using forensic psychology.
  2. Explain the different approaches to forensic psychology in criminology.
  3. Assess psychopathic personality traits using a measurement scale.
  4. Write about technological advances in forensic psychology and their impacts.
  5. Discuss the collateral consequences of money bail.
  6. Explain how race affects psychotherapeutic performance.
  7. Compare and contrast the use of forensic psychology on men versus women.
  8. Discuss the factors that affect eyewitness identification performance.
  9. Examine the association between psychosis and being a migrant.
  10. How does genetics affect forensic psychology?

Amazing Criminology Dissertation Topics

Are you hunting for amazing dissertation topics on criminology? The following list will be helpful for you.

  1. Explore the unknown world of male rape in the current society.
  2. Is abortion a crime?
  3. Discuss the recent innovation of experimental criminology.
  4. What is the psychology behind human trafficking?
  5. Describe how neighborhood topography motivates crime?
  6. Discuss the methods used in the UK to protect eyewitnesses.
  7. Explain the hidden mechanisms and possibilities of prevention in Lust murders.
  8. Discuss the inspection tactics of the crime scene.
  9. What are the different stages and methods of criminology research?
  10. Write about Fingerprints and their meaning in the investigation.
  11. Wildlife harming and exploitation.
  12. Discuss the role of Psychometric examinations in criminal justice.
  13. Explain the use and function of smart handheld devices in enhancing security.
  14. Write about Crime prevention programs.
  15. Discuss the pros and cons of racial profiling.
  16. Will regulating prostitution reduce crime?
  17. What are the causes and effects of Juvenile Delinquency?
  18. Is media the main instigator of moral panics in society?
  19. Is Social Media a prime reason for crime in this technological era?
  20. Write about College campus crimes and the ways to prevent them.

Interesting Criminology Dissertation Ideas

Listed below are some interesting criminology dissertation ideas that will help you in boosting your academic grades.

  1. Why the majority of the crimes are committed by the youths?
  2. Explain how the environment motivates a person towards criminal behavior.
  3. Discuss the historical factors that have necessitated crime in the 21st century.
  4. What is the role of specialized police units in preventing crime?
  5. Discuss why men are more prone to commit crimes than women.
  6. Evaluate the role of music in enhancing crime.
  7. What are the effective techniques used in monitoring people with suspect criminal behavior?
  8. Discuss the relationship between crime and punishment in the past decade.
  9. Explain the predisposing factors behind the activities of serial killers.
  10. How antisocial behavior relates to illegal activities.
  11. What are the possible causes of rape and other indecent sexual behavior?
  12. How to investigate a serial crime in a society.
  13. Evaluate the role of private detectives in solving societal crimes.
  14. What is the role of modern technologies in complicating criminal investigations?
  15. How to combat crimes committed by gangs.

Top-rated Criminology Dissertation Topics

To write a successful criminology dissertation, you can choose any topic from the following top-rated criminology dissertation topics list.

  1. Discuss the implication of racial profiling in causing criminal activities.
  2. How the economic state of a country can lead to crime?
  3. Explain the relationship between crime and LGBT groups.
  4. How the UK government deals with criminals of any kind.
  5. Are introverts more prone to crime than extroverts?
  6. How developed economies handle corruption-related cases.
  7. Describe the application of the social learning theory in reducing crime.
  8. Compare and contrast criminal activity in UK suburbs and those of America.
  9. Discuss the current trends and practices in crime related to psychology.
  10. How attitudes and emotions compel people to criminal behavior.
  11. Discuss the relationship between crime and unemployment.
  12. How the modern Internet technologies induce the frequency of suicides?
  13. Elaborate on the impact of the genocidal acts on community cohesiveness.
  14. Does alleviation of poverty actually reduce crime? Prepare a qualitative review.
  15. How does illegal immigration contribute to crime within a state?

Outstanding Criminology Dissertation Ideas

Here are a few more outstanding criminology dissertation ideas that you can utilize for writing your academic paper.

  1. Discuss the history of organized crime practiced by the Russian mafia.
  2. How human trafficking plays an important role in the practice of beggary in the urban states?
  3. Explain the usage of social media to fuel crimes against children.
  4. How important is the role of parental supervision in curtailing the rate of crime committed by teenagers?
  5. What is the motivation for women to join ISIS?
  6. Prepare a case study on sexual violence in the form of a weapon in armed conflict.
  7. Who actually owns the responsibility for street crimes?
  8. Is marriage helpful to deter crime?
  9. Discuss the Mental health of the sex offenders from a global viewpoint.
  10. Elaborate on the role of the behavioral genetic studies in the field of criminology
  11. Is religious fanaticism the root cause of terrorism?
  12. Bullies in schools versus crime-A critical evaluation.
  13. What drives one person to kill another person- Homicide?
  14. What is the role of street lighting in reducing crime?
  15. Discuss the discrimination in the UK Court System.

Top-Notch Criminology Dissertation Ideas

  1. Children who have experienced abuse are more likely to commit crimes, and there is a link between these two factors.
  2. Discuss how traumatized childhoods can lead to criminal behavior.
  3. Discuss the connection between racial stereotypes and crime.
  4. Examine how crime reflects societal reactions by analyzing the social structure of crime.
  5. Exploiting and causing harm to wildlife is an environmental crime.
  6. Discuss the role that bias plays in environmental crime.
  7. Does prejudice towards members of the LGBTQA+ community encourage criminal activity?
  8. Describe how juvenile delinquency, justice, therapeutic techniques, and welfare are seen globally.
  9. Influence of urban environment on criminal behavior
  10. Describe how using alcohol and other addictive substances (such heroin, cocaine, and LSD) causes young people to commit crimes.

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