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Biology Research Topics


Biology is a branch of science that handles everything about living organisms and their functions, evolution, growth, and structure. Besides that, the subject also deals with the concepts of ecosystems, environment, food, health, medicine, and other specializations that revolve around the human body. If you are a school or a college student, then for your assignments, more often you will be asked to work on any biology research topics. In general, biology is a broad discipline with plenty of research areas and topics to focus on. So, you can very well work on any interesting topic for your biology assignment. But while writing the biology research paper, you should make sure to present all the major points related to your topic with valid proofs, facts, or examples.

Note that, for writing a biology research paper, a good research topic is needed the most. Currently, are you struggling to come up with the best biology research topics? Cool! We know how hard it is to search and find the right research topic. So, to help you out, here, we have composed a list of interesting biology research topic ideas in various biology research areas. Also, we have suggested some tips for selecting a good topic for a biology research paper.

Continue reading this blog post and get exclusive ideas for conducting biology research projects.

How to Choose a Good Biology Research Topic?

The success of your research paper mostly depends on the topic you choose. So, if you want to score an A+ grade for your thesis, then give high importance to the research topic. Usually, your instructor will share some research prompts or ideas for you to choose from. But, sometimes you will be asked to come up with a good research topic on your own. As the subject covers a wide range of research areas and topics, it might be tough for you to choose one ideal topic from the whole list.

In case, you are given a chance to choose a biology research topic for your assignment, then this is what you should keep in mind.

  1. Choose a topic from the research area that you are passionate about.
  2. Pick a research topic that is interesting for you and your readers.
  3. Give importance to the research topic that has good scope for research and discussion.
  4. Avoid choosing a general or frequently discussed research topic.
  5. Select a topic that allows you to perform in-depth research and derive new findings.
  6. If the topic is too broad, narrow it down, or else it would become tough to complete it before the deadline.
  7. Never select a topic that is too wide or too specific.
  8. Choose a topic that has enough information and reliable sources for references.
  9. Pick a topic that has valid data sources, evidence, and facts supporting your thesis statement.
  10. Finalize the research topic only if it matches the writing guidelines of your instructor or university.

Following all these tips would help you in identifying a good biology research topic. But once you have found out the research topic, consult it with your instructor and get approval, before you begin writing the paper.


Biology Research Topics

List of Biology Research Topics and Ideas

As Biology is a vast discipline, you can find numerous research areas in it. Some popular areas of research in biology include anatomy, molecular biology, environmental biology, anatomy, marine biology, evolutionary biology, and so on. For writing a biology research paper, you can consider a topic from any biology research area that you have strong knowledge of.

If you are running short of ideas, take a look at the list below. The list will give you some interesting biology research topics in various categories.

Explore the whole list and pick any biology topic that is comfortable for you to perform research and write a brilliant research paper.

Research Topics on the History of Biology

Even before the arrival of scientific studies, humans had a basic knowledge of biology. Especially, they were skilled enough to identify the edible plants and domestic animals. If you are seeking a theoretical topic for your biology research project, then you can make use of any topic from the following list of research topics on the history of biology.

  1. Research the work of Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, the famous Biologist.
  2. Describe the dead branches of evolution.
  3. How are history and biology combined according to Stephen Joy Gould’s Paleontology?
  4. Discuss the effects of Whale Hunting.
  5. Explain Rachel Carson’s Stand on environmental safety.
  6. Explain the impact of archeology on animal biology.
  7. Discover and discuss the impact of the Natural Selection Theory.
  8. Explain Darwin’s theory and its significance to biology.
  9. Write about Edward Jenner and the history of vaccination.
  10. Discover and explore evolution factors.
  11. How did the discovery of heredity influence modern biology?
  12. Trace the origins of modern anatomy.
  13. What led to the discovery of blood circulation?
  14. Investigate the theory of the four senses of humor.
  15. What led to the establishment of the cell theory?

Plant Biology Research Topics

As the name suggests, plant Biology is a branch of biology that focuses on the study of plant life and development. If you are interested to learn about plants, then you can very well choose plant biology as your research area. Here are some plant biology research topics that you can adopt for writing your biology research paper.

  1. How do plants produce starch?
  2. Discuss the industrial applications of synthesized plant mechanisms.
  3. Why do weeds grow excessively?
  4. How do Butterworts acquire nutrition?
  5. Compare various defense mechanisms of flowers.
  6. Examine the biological properties of medicinal herbs.
  7. What causes diseases in plants?
  8. How do Phytohormones influence plant growth?
  9. Does sound have any measurable effects on plant development?
  10. How do Cacti survive in the desert?

Plant Pathology Research Topics

The scientific study of plant diseases is referred to as plant pathology. It is also a branch of biology that mainly studies the causes of plant diseases and the ways to control those diseases. Listed below are a few great research topics on plant pathology.

  1. How is plant diseases management facilitated by modern technology?
  2. Research on plant-associated microbes and current genomic tools.
  3. Discuss the functions of photosynthesis.
  4. Prepare a literature review on microbial ecology and evolution.
  5. Explain the Natural disease resistance in plants.
  6. Natural disease resistance in plants.
  7. Discuss the influence of fertilizers on plants.
  8. Explain the prevention measures in plant pathology.
  9. Weedy and invasive plants
  10. Write about plant evolutionary genetics.

Animal Biology Research Topics

Animal Biology is a branch of biology that studies the structure, evolution, embryology, and classification of the animal kingdom. Also, it focuses on how the animals interact with their ecosystems. Below are a few interesting animal biology research topics.

  1. Is it ethical to test beauty products on animals?
  2. Modern home pets and traditional dog diet.
  3. Explain the role of the Fashion industry in animal abuse.
  4. Write about male pregnancy among animals.
  5. Home pets and obesity
  6. Animal science and food sustainability
  7. Classification of invertebrate animals.
  8. Explain the factors to consider for animal growth.
  9. How does veganism influence meat production?
  10. Projects on wild animals.

Anatomy and Human Biology Research Topics

Human Anatomy is an interesting and broad branch of biology that deals with the study of the structure of the parts and organisms of the human body. If you wish to learn more about the human body, then for your research work you can select any topic from the below-suggested list of research topics on anatomy and human biology.

  1. Explain the functions of the respiratory system.
  2. What happens when a human heart skips a beat?
  3. Explore the psychological factors that affect a person’s health.
  4. Describe the structure of a skeletal muscle fiber.
  5. Explain how kidneys filter blood.
  6. How does the brain control human behavior?
  7. Describe the functions of the sodium-potassium pump.
  8. What regulates muscle contraction?
  9. Research and write about the cerebral cortex.
  10. Explain the new reproductive technologies from an anthropological perspective.

Research Topics on Genetics and Abortion

In biology, genetics plays a vital role. Basically, genetics is a branch of biology that studies genes and heredity. Here are a few captivating research topics on genetics and abortion that you can consider for writing your biology research paper.

  1. Explain the role of genetics in sex orientation preference.
  2. How is abortion related to the feminist ideology?
  3. What are the ethical aspects of experiments with stem cells?
  4. Have a closer look at abortion law and society’s perspective in the USA.
  5. Explain the link between depression and genes.
  6. Write about genetic disorders and their related treatment.
  7. Explain the phenomenon of DNA-modified organisms.
  8. Trace the history of genetics.
  9. Describe the structure of DNA.
  10. Explain the modern technology used for DNA analysis.
  11. Is genetically modified food safe?
  12. How does public opinion hold back scientific progress?
  13. Present the biological insights of abortion.
  14. Is homosexuality based on genetics?
  15. Write about Genetic Mutation factors.

Neurobiology Research Topics

The study of the nervous system and the working of the brain are referred to as neurobiology. If you are interested to gain more knowledge about the functions of the brain or the biological mechanism of the nervous system, then the following research topics on neurobiology will help you.

  1. Explain the genetic defect that contributes to Schizophrenia.
  2. Write about Cognitive Neuroscience on problem-solving.
  3. Have a closer look at brain injuries and their related disorders.
  4. Discuss the link between gut bacteria and anxiety.
  5. Explain the role of genes and proteins in neurons functioning.
  6. What is the impact of music on the human brain?
  7. Write about the Visual cortex and models of orientation.
  8. Have a deep look at Neuroscience and robotic technologies.
  9. Explain what visual-motor coordination is based on.
  10. Discuss the relationship between the brain and memory.
  11. Talk about brain capabilities of self-repairing.
  12. How to improve human memory effectively?
  13. What are the causes of migraine?
  14. Can gut bacteria contribute to depression?
  15. Discuss the innovations in neurobiology.

Research Topics on Behavior and Hormones

For a biology research paper, you can choose to write about how hormones affect the mental health of a human and the relation of hormones with disorders. Here are some exciting biology research topics on behavior and hormones.

  1. Write about psychopathic disorders and hormones.
  2. Focus on gender specification in mental disorders.
  3. Explain the oxytocin science phenomenon
  4. What are the causes and treatments of bipolar disorder?
  5. Discuss the top methods in Hormonal therapy.
  6. What is the role of various hormones in our body?
  7. The deficit of what hormone can destroy a life?
  8. How to improve metabolism?
  9. Discuss the biological basis of hormonal disorder?
  10. Write about the hormone disorder and constant depression.
  11. Discuss some common endocrine-related diseases.
  12. How do hormones influence women’s mental health?
  13. Write about hormonal changes during pregnancy.
  14. Does cardio exercise influence hormones?
  15. Steroid Hormones’ path to cells.

Research Topics on Immune System

The immune system is a network of biological processes that defends a body against invaders such as viruses, bacteria, and other foreign bodies. Its ultimate aim is to protect the organisms from diseases, infections, and toxins by providing resistance. Listed below are a few good research topics on the immune system.

  1. Have a closer look at asthma and allergic reactions.
  2. Explain the society’s viewpoints on vaccination.
  3. How do immune system agents function?
  4. Graft rejection prevention.
  5. Immunology and transplantation.
  6. Human immune system and its resistance capabilities
  7. Tolerance and autoimmunity.
  8. Immunity and stress.
  9. Explain the influence of immunotherapy on the human body.
  10. What diseases are caused by improper functioning of the immune system?

Research Topics on Antibiotic Resistance

Here are a few interesting research topics on antibiotic resistance that you can consider for your biology research projects.

  1. How to prevent antibiotic resistance?
  2. Write about antibiotic resistance and medicine.
  3. Explain the role of volatile antibiotics.
  4. The development of antibiotic resistance.
  5. Discuss the effect of antibiotics on the human body.
  6. The pathogenesis of antibiotic resistance agent.
  7. What illnesses are caused by antibiotic resistance?
  8. Explain cell structure and antibiotic resistance?
  9. How to improve antibiotics effects effectively?
  10. Explain the reason for antibiotic resistance.

Research Topics on Human Cloning

The process of creating a genetically identical copy of a human is referred to as human cloning. The subject mainly addresses the artificial reproduction of tissues and human cells. If you want to work on any innovative biology topics, then you can very well choose any topic from the below-mentioned list of research topics on human cloning.

  1. Have a closer look at cloning and the ethical issues around it.
  2. Discuss the basic principles of cloning in humans.
  3. Should human cloning be made legal?
  4. How effective is DNA-based cloning in the medical field?
  5. Explain the significance of therapeutic cloning.
  6. Write about Cloning from the moral aspect.
  7. Explain the history and development of human cloning science.
  8. Human cloning and transplantation possibilities.
  9. How can cloning change medicine?
  10. Prepare a project on different types of cloning.

Molecular Biology Research Topics

Molecular biology is a branch of biology that studies the biochemical and molecular processes within the cell. For writing a biology research paper, you can pick any topic from the below-mentioned list of molecular biology research topics.

  1. Explain the personal genome in modern medicine.
  2. Write about the latest trends in molecular biochemistry.
  3. What is the use of genetics on lifetime prolongation?
  4. Explain the working of protein biosynthesis.
  5. How to conduct molecular biology research?
  6. Explain the significance of Molecular biology in cancer treatment.
  7. What is the role of genetically modified crops in the economy?
  8. Discuss the molecular evidence of human origin.
  9. Write about dangerous experiments on human DNA.
  10. What is the role of stem cell treatment in medicine?

Microbiology Research Topics

Microbiology is the scientific study of living organisms that are too small to see with the naked eye. It is a broad sub-field of biology that studies various microbes such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, algae, and other tiny organisms. If you are interested in learning about microbes, then for your biology research projects you can choose microbiology as your research area. The following are a few interesting microbiology research topics that you can adopt.

  1. Explain how microbes develop resistance.
  2. Discuss the degradation of soil pollutants using microbes.
  3. What is the role of microbes in food contamination?
  4. Explain the link between stress and the performance of the human immune system.
  5. Discuss the contribution of microbes to the ecosystem.
  6. How do bacteria turn milk into yogurt?
  7. Explain the applications of microbial biotechnology.
  8. What are the industrial applications for microbiology?
  9. Explain the working of vaccines.
  10. Examine the structure of archaeal genes.

Ecology Research Topics

Ecology is an interesting discipline that focuses on the relationship between living organisms and their physical environment. Take a look at the list below and get some interesting ecology research topics.

  1. Is global warming a threat?
  2. Discuss the problem of extinction.
  3. How do the animals and plants respond to the changing environment?
  4. Write about rare species protection
  5. Have a closer look at Environmental Psychology.
  6. What are the ecological and evolutionary factors that influence animal behavior?
  7. Discuss the effect of human behavior on animal forms in the USA.
  8. Explain the relationship between living forms and their environment.
  9. Describe the involvement of the environmental change in the diversity of species.
  10. Explain the developmental mechanism of resistance in animals.
  11. Describe the principles of population ecology.
  12. Discuss the impact of rain forests extinction.
  13. What is sustainability in biology?
  14. Explain the factors and benefits of organic farming.
  15. Write about Renewable energy and environmental pollution.
  16. Present your views on the fast-food industry and tropic forests extinction.
  17. What are the effects of oil spills on ocean wildlife?
  18. Explain the means of wildlife protection.
  19. Is the extinction of bees real?
  20. Discuss the link between climate change and biodiversity.

Environmental Biology Research Topics

Environmental biology is a branch of biology that is closely related to ecology. It mainly examines how living organisms are impacted by natural and human-altered ecosystems. The subject also monitors the pollution levels and wastewater disposal. Some interesting research topics on environmental biology are listed below.

  1. Analyze the consequences of desertification.
  2. Compare several methods of wastewater disposal.
  3. How to ensure food security without harming the environment?
  4. Trace the ecological footprint of cotton production.
  5. How do genetically modified insects influence the environment?
  6. What causes toxic algae to bloom?
  7. How do worms indicate the state of an ecosystem?
  8. What would happen if all the bees die?
  9. How did DDT affect wildlife in the US?
  10. Research the pros and cons of using natural gas.

Research Topics on Bioremediation

Bioremediation is a biological process in which microorganisms are used to clean up contamination in the environment. Mainly, it aims to degrade the pollutants into non-toxic substances biologically. Here is a list of bioremediation research topics that you can choose to write about.

  1. How to improve ecology with bioremediation?
  2. Discuss the mechanisms and tools of groundwater bioremediation.
  3. Write about innovations in bioremediation.
  4. What are the tools and the effective ways that can be used to handle oil spill bioremediation?
  5. Discuss Oil spill bioremediation protocol.
  6. Explain the phenomenon of bioremediation.
  7. Write about the bioremediation of hazardous waste.
  8. The bioremediation education science.
  9. Explain the bioremediation method.
  10. Write about Groundwater remediation

Marine Biology Research Topics

Marine biology is a sub-disciplinary of biology that studies the biology of marine organisms along with their behavior and interaction with their environment. If you are interested to study living organisms under the sea, then you can very well pick this research area for your biology research projects. Listed below are a few marine biology research topics.

  1. Discuss the impact of military sonar on whales.
  2. What are the causes of high mercury concentrations in fish?
  3. Discuss the importance of phytoplankton and zooplankton to ponds.
  4. Explain how rising sea temperatures affect marine life.
  5. Examine the contribution of bacteria to biological processes in the sea.
  6. How do aquatic organisms live together in coral reefs?
  7. Explore the predatory behavior of starfish.
  8. Identify the biggest threats to marine biodiversity.
  9. Discuss the contribution of birds to a stable marine ecosystem.
  10. Compare different camouflage techniques of marine animals.

Evolutionary Biology Research Topics

Evolutionary biology is a subfield of biology that focuses on the change in living organisms. In simple terms, it can also be identified as the study of the history of all living beings on Earth. Basically, this subject concentrates on the origin, diversity, and adaption of life over time. For writing a biology research paper, you can pick any topic from the below-mentioned list of evolutionary biology research topics.

  1. Are society and evolution connected?
  2. How does an animal’s physiology adapt to its geographic range?
  3. Explain the effects of genetic drift on variation.
  4. Investigate the evolution of stamina in animal locomotion.
  5. Compare the evolutionary process of endotherms and ectotherms.
  6. What are the ways for a species to achieve its maximum fitness?
  7. What does the Red Queen hypothesis state?
  8. Explain the problems related to modern synthesis.
  9. Track the evolution of aging throughout human history.
  10. Why does cancer persist?

Developmental Biology Research Topics

Developmental Biology is an exciting field in biology that assesses how living organisms develop. Mainly, it investigates how a single cell becomes a fully formed organism. Listed below are a few good research topics in developmental biology that you can choose for your assignments.

  1. Identify the origins of congenital disorders.
  2. Examine the process of neurulation in fish.
  3. Investigate regeneration in hydra.
  4. What causes birds to become territorial?
  5. Why are men more likely to be colorblind than women?
  6. What does the concept of morphogen gradient say about the fate of cells?
  7. Explain the mechanisms of metamorphosis in frogs.
  8. What causes polycephaly?
  9. Trace the origins of the vertebrate body plan.
  10. What happened during the Cambrian explosion?

Other Interesting Biology Research Topics

Here are a few more interesting biology research topics that you can consider for your work.

  1. Discuss the link between environmental pollution and the cancer rate.
  2. Explain the impact of BMI on injuries.
  3. Is it possible to increase brainpower?
  4. How to slow down the aging process.
  5. Discuss the threats related to Salmonella.
  6. Can enhance antibodies help curb COVID-19 cases?
  7. How does miscarriage affect women’s health?
  8. Can Ebola be used as a biological weapon?
  9. What is the role of clean water in preventing disease?
  10. Write about cell tissue engineering.
  11. Does following a paleo diet help athletes perform?
  12. Are humans naturally omnivores or frugivores?
  13. How do sleep and wake cycles affect learning?
  14. Is immortality a realistic goal for humans?
  15. Discuss the biological reasons behind food intolerances.
  16. How does the study of cell biology aid in fighting Alzheimer’s?
  17. Do sports help improve human biological makeup?
  18. Explain the implications of coral reef biology.
  19. Is it possible for the brain to heal itself?
  20. Write about sea challenges to marine life.

Unique Fascinating Biology Research Topics

  1. What are the Pros and cons of gene therapy?
  2. Explain the properties of the phylogenetic tree.
  3. How did Gregor Mendel discover heredity?
  4. Explain the working of human metabolism.
  5. What kind of strategies do organisms use to get nutrition?
  6. What factors regulate population dynamics?
  7. Discuss the latest evidence for Darwin’s theory of evolution.
  8. How to predict the probability of inheriting a gene.
  9. Compare meiosis and mitosis.
  10. What diseases are caused by heavy metal pollution?
  11. The Benefits and Drawbacks of Family Genetic Testing: Psychological Effects and Data Misuse
  12. What Ethical Principles Must Be Obeyed in the Structured DNA Alterations Controversy?
  13. Should DNA alteration be permitted even when there are no underlying genetic diseases?
  14. What is the state of DNA replication and amplification techniques currently.
  15. The limitations of the analysis of microarray data.
  16. Can the damage done to the human DNA be repaired?
  17. Bacterial DNA blockers and resistance mechanisms
  18. What Have We Learned About Bio-Nano Technologies and the COVID-19 Pandemic?
  19. Should Animals and Plants Be Used in DNA Research? The Risks of Different Genetic Conditions and the Use of DNA Sequencing
  20. Human Behavior’s Impact on Animal Forms in the USA

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