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Accounting Research Topics


Are you struggling to find the best accounting research topics? Don’t worry! We know how hard it is to find a good research topic in accounting. Basically, accounting is a broad discipline that focuses on the systematic process of recording and managing financial accounts related to a business. Some common accounting process includes analyzing, summarizing, and reporting. For writing an accounting research paper, you can find various research areas and topics from the field. But out of them all, you should select a perfect topic with good research scope to proceed with your writing.

As accounting is a complex technical subject, it will not be easy for you to pick an ideal research topic from it. You need to invest more time and effort in research paper topic selection. But once you have spotted your dissertation topic, you can perform deep research on the topic and start writing an accounting research paper by explaining your points relevant to the topic with valid examples and evidence.

In general, research paper topic selection is a tedious process and it will take more time to search, analyze and find the right economic dissertation topics. Therefore, for your convenience, here we have listed 250+ research paper topics and ideas. Also, we have provided some quick tips for selecting a good accounting research topic. Continue reading this blog and get diverse ideas for writing a top-notch accounting research paper.

How to Select a Good Accounting Research Topic?

For preparing an excellent research paper, a good topic is necessary. Usually, supervisors will provide some essay prompts or research questions for the assignment. But, sometimes, they will give you the freedom to select the topic on your own.

For gathering research ideas, you can refer to accounting books, journals, websites, and so on. In accounting, there are many research areas available and you can find more topic ideas under each research area. However, when you have many topics, identifying a perfect dissertation topics from them would be challenging.

If you are given a chance to come up with the accounting research topic of your choice, then this is what you should do during topic selection.

  1. Firstly, find out the research area of your interest.
  2. Secondly, in your preferred research area, collect unique accounting research ideas.
  3. Next, carefully analyze all the collected ideas and eliminate the topics with little or no research scope.
  4. Give importance to the topic from the research area that you have good knowledge and experience.
  5. Choose a topic that is interesting for you to perform research and write about.
  6. Select an informative research topic suitable to impress your readers.
  7. Pick a topic that contains wide research scope, huge information, and enough trusted sources for references.
  8. Avoid selecting a topic that is neither too specific nor too broad for discussion.
  9. Narrow down the topic if it is too wide to complete before the deadline.
  10. In order to set credibility, pick a topic that has proper data sources, proofs, and facts related to your thesis statement.
  11. Finally, choose the topic only if it satisfies the writing guidelines of your instructor or university.


Accounting Research Topics

Accounting Research Topics List

For writing an accounting research paper, you can very well choose a topic from the research areas such as managerial accounting, tax accounting, online accounting, auditing, bookkeeping, accounting theory, fund accounting, etc.

If you have no idea what accounting research topic to choose, have a look at the list below. The list will give you 250+ accounting research topics in various categories. From the list select any research topic idea that you feel is right for you.

Simple and Easy Accounting Research Topics

  1. How to update the accounting systems effectively.
  2. Explain the influence of offshore gambling on accounting.
  3. Why is live information important for accountants?
  4. Discuss the effective profit planning strategies.
  5. What are the best accounting software companies in the market today?
  6. How internal control leads to accountability in public sector organizations?
  7. Explain the effect of misinterpreting information in financial statements.
  8. Write about public expenditure and the effect of accounting.
  9. Evaluate the Goldman Sachs fraud case.
  10. Explain the best inventory management practices in management companies.
  11. What are the benefits of computerized accounting and financial reporting in banks?
  12. Explain profit maximization and cost minimization using working capital management.
  13. Why it is necessary to incorporate the latest accounting software in companies?
  14. Explain the effects of total quality management on productivity using the profit model.
  15. Discuss the relationship between public sector accounting and financial control systems.

Financial Accounting Research Topics

  1. Write about corporate disclosure and governance.
  2. How does time affect the process of cash flow?
  3. Explain the effect of digital currency on finance and accounting.
  4. Why is the assessment of the financial balance sheets essential in making business decisions?
  5. Analyze the best practices of cash flow reporting globally.
  6. Market analysis and perspectives of Cryptocurrencies.
  7. Discuss the link between earning management and discretionary accruals.
  8. Explain an Auditor’s job with the clients and third parties.
  9. Discuss the intensity of interest rates in finance and accounting.
  10. Write about expected returns in finance and accounting.
  11. Explain how internal control and data quality affect the financial health of an organization.
  12. Describe the significance of inventory management in non-governmental organizations.
  13. Prepare a methodical review of cost accounting in popular heritage centers across the globe.
  14. Explain the link between firm size, accounting information system, profitability, and leverage.
  15. Discuss risk-taking in businesses from an accountant’s perspective.
  16. What are the common challenges of financial accounting in the hotel industry?
  17. How does the accounting information system affect the financial health of a firm?
  18. What are the determinants in the progress of financial and accounting reporting?
  19. How accounting standards can be applied in the crucial business process of financial conglomerates?
  20. Discuss the freedom of auditors and the reliability of financial reports in the banking sector.
  21. Have a closer look at the challenges of cost accounting in the oil and gas sector.
  22. How do sensible investments contribute to business growth?
  23. Write about credit management and the repercussions of bad debt in commercial banks.
  24. Research the risk management practices in the defense sector.
  25. Write about the relevance of accounting practices in the budgeting and planning of multinational corporations.

Accounting Theory Research Topics

  1. How is the normative stakeholder theory justified with the application of ethical principles?
  2. Explain the significance of learning accounting theories.
  3. Discuss the link between positive accounting theory and integrated reporting.
  4. What are some of the most relevant accounting theories that have developed in the last decade?
  5. Does culture affect the development of accounting theories?
  6. Why accounting theory is an often neglected subject? Share your views.
  7. Analyze various accounting theories in the last four decades in terms of their evolution.
  8. Explain a few accounting practices using various accounting theory concepts.
  9. Is the objective of accounting determined by the concepts of accounting theory?
  10. Choose any popular accounting theory that was influenced by cultural progression and discuss its significance.
  11. Provide a timeline of the development of various accounting theories used in the modern world.
  12. How accounting theories have shaped the ethics of international business.
  13. Silences in Business Annual Reports and their criticism in popular accounting theories.
  14. Neo-liberal ideologies and positive accounting theories in solving various problems of society.
  15. How do popular accounting theories affect business decisions in large, small, and medium enterprises?
  16. Compare positive and normative accounting theories.
  17. Explain the influence of the political environment on accounting theories.
  18. How do sociological environments affect accounting theories?
  19. Discuss accounting theories and their relationship with behavior.
  20. Does accounting borrow concepts from social sciences when developing theories?
  21. How do economical environments affect accounting theories?
  22. The use of accounting theories in determining the global environmental standards for transnational corporations.
  23. Explain the various contributions of accounting theories to modern economies.
  24. Discuss the impact of Ex-Ante and Ex-Post accounting techniques on policymaking.
  25. How to improve the financial health of any organization with the accounting theories?

Interesting Accounting Research Topics

  1. Discuss the requirements of GAAP compliance in the current standards of accounting.
  2. How can companies escape financial fraud?
  3. Explain the risks of analysis and design in accounting systems.
  4. How does regulation of financial accounting direct goodwill impairment treatment?
  5. What are the tools used by accounting management to identify the missing figures?
  6. How is management duration affected by the frequency inflation of financial reporting?
  7. Discuss the link between management accounting and environmental reporting.
  8. How can managers equate credits and debts within the company?
  9. Write about supply chain relations and managing possible risks.
  10. Explain the difference in the cost of quality in the current manufacturing environment.
  11. Discuss the efficacy of exploratory study modes in fixed asset financing.
  12. How do American banks assess long-term loans?
  13. Compare home country and host country outsourcing relations.
  14. Is the forecasting of bankruptcy based on financial ratios reliable?
  15. How does shareholder opinion affect the performance of a company?

Fund Accounting Research Topics

  1. What are the practical implications of accounting for pension funds?
  2. Is it possible to predict financial distress and imminent bankruptcy by following the cash flow models?
  3. How is the accrual bases system important in fund accounting?
  4. What are the effective ways that a firm can use to choose accounting methods?
  5. Analyze fund accounting in the government sector.
  6. Study the fund accounting in non-profit organizations.
  7. Review the different financial analysis models.
  8. Conduct an analysis of fund accounting policies of different companies
  9. Analyze the different fund accounting policies.
  10. What are the differences in theory and practice in multinational fund accounting?

Managerial Accounting Research Topics

  1. How can strategic management accounting be applied in the publishing industry?
  2. Explain how decision support systems increase managerial effectiveness.
  3. Is double-entry accounting helpful for managers to operate businesses smoothly?
  4. Explain the process and challenges associated with adding new partners to an account.
  5. Use the HSBC perspective to discuss how banks manage risks.
  6. Explain how quality human resource management affects auditing firms.
  7. Analyze the risk management in the agricultural sector.
  8. Compare strategic management accounting practices between developed and emerging economies.
  9. Analyze how activity-based costing adds value to a project.
  10. Review the cost accounting in museums.
  11. Explain how the top management use performance management data to make strategic decisions.
  12. Discuss how the Cost of Goods produced affects pricing in the process of strategic decision-making.
  13. Review the best global budgeting practices in the public sector.
  14. How to budget under uncertainty?
  15. Explain how to manage risks in politically unstable economies.

Auditing Research Paper Topics

  1. Discuss the effect of internal auditing on financial reporting: internal bias or total compliance.
  2. Analyze the differences in auditing between public and private enterprises.
  3. What are the effects of continuous auditing on organizational functioning?
  4. Investigate the globalization of auditing standards.
  5. Explain the impact of auditing on the ethical behavior of senior management.
  6. How to determine the credibility of in-house audit reports.
  7. What are the efficiency and effectiveness of audit boards and committees?
  8. Explain the relationship between proper accounting practices and auditing.
  9. How do external audits prevent fraud in the banking sector?
  10. What are the common problems that arise as a result of audit reports?
  11. Discuss the impact of fraudulent reporting on preparing correct audit reports.
  12. What are the problems and prospects of auditing in government organizations?
  13. Discuss the various benefits of auditing partnership firms.
  14. Explain how social auditing help in improving rural development.
  15. How automated forensic auditing help in fraud detection and prevention?

Tax Accounting Research Topics

  1. Discuss the effect of tax administration on revenue generation.
  2. Analyze the taxation system concerning the growth and promotion of underdeveloped countries.
  3. Discuss the steps and policies to ensure fair taxation for freelancers.
  4. Explain the various tax evasion measures adopted by CEOs based on gender diversity.
  5. What are the effects of revenue generation on tax auditing and investigation in developing economies?
  6. Analyze the peculiarities in USA’s taxation system.
  7. Explain how accounting and taxation knowledge among leaders can benefit a country.
  8. Analyze the effects of small business budgeting effects on tertiary institution management.
  9. Research the effects of intellectual capital on the growth and development of huge enterprises.
  10. Explore how income tax affects start-ups and small businesses.
  11. What are the best practices to estimate tax on company earnings?
  12. Explain the impact of tax advisory on public accounting firms.
  13. What are the common issues faced by the income tax administration in the corporates?
  14. How can the Wealth Tax of a firm be assessed using audited accounts?
  15. What are the tax reform initiatives that would benefit small businesses?
  16. Explain the influence of information technology on efficient tax management.
  17. Are tax incentives responsible for economic growth and industrial development?
  18. Analyze the effects of effective taxation on the welfare of the country.
  19. Explain the effects of tax avoidance and evasion on economic development.
  20. How audited accounts help insurance companies and income tax authorities in claim settlements?

Accounting Research Topics on Bookkeeping

  1. What are the methods of managing financial transactions using bookkeeping practices?
  2. How is the performance of an organization influenced by consistent bookkeeping?
  3. Evaluate the importance of bookkeeping processes with respect to small and medium-scale companies.
  4. Compare payment accounts, cash books, and receipts with a detailed review of their importance in accounting.
  5. How do companies manage misinformation in their accounting books even after the audit?
  6. Why are good bookkeeping practices important?
  7. Discuss the impact of electronic bookkeeping on past accountants.
  8. Compare single and double-entry bookkeeping.
  9. Why do accountants make false entries in the books sometimes?
  10. Study the benefits of business accounting concerning modern technology.

Online Accounting Research Topics

  1. What is the role of modern accounting in the economic development of emerging economies?
  2. How to monitor liquidity levels using financial accounting tools.
  3. What are the effects of accounting information on the cost of capital of a firm?
  4. How information technology has impacted accounting management systems in developing countries?
  5. What are the elements of global accounting?
  6. Discuss the major factors in determining the valuation of mergers and acquisitions.
  7. Analyze the importance of audits for big corporate houses.
  8. What are some common risks of online accounting?
  9. Explain the significant factors for understanding ratio analysis.
  10. Suggest some ways to bring circular debt to control a business firm.

Accounting Project Ideas

  1. What are the primary functions of the periodic and perpetual inventory systems?
  2. Should small and micro-enterprises adopt accounting?
  3. Do accounting graduates reduce fraud in companies?
  4. Research the existing systematic relations between the categorical variables.
  5. How does the service industry generate revenue?
  6. Provide a detailed social analysis of management accounting.
  7. What are the best options to attain more revenue for start-up companies?
  8. How to properly address income and expenses.
  9. Explain the best practices of recording and classifying transactions for use in the future.
  10. What is the need for general account audits in an organization?
  11. Evaluate the success of green accounting policy within finance departments of two major UK universities.
  12. Write about the financial reporting requirements of non-profit accounting.
  13. Evaluate the role and effectiveness of audit committees.
  14. How is the accounting information displayed in the system?
  15. Explain the role of micro-loans in modern finance.
  16. Compare the methods in international accounting.
  17. Assess the potential risks when companies enter a new market.
  18. Discuss bank audits in COBIT using the corporate governance auditing method.
  19. Explain how to balance ostensive management accounting research and performativity.
  20. How does the size and scale of an organization affect the financial records?

Amazing Accounting Research Topics

  1. Explain the capital budgeting and the restraints that developing economies have.
  2. Discuss the role of ROI in capital budgeting.
  3. Does forensic accounting make auditing easier?
  4. How can companies ensure transparency of their accounts?
  5. Explain how trends in financial statement analysis affect reporting.
  6. How can forensic accountants reduce risks in small businesses?
  7. Discuss the negative impact of the increase in accounting graduates across the globe.
  8. What are the most popular perspectives of earnings management?
  9. How do CEO qualities affect the stock performance of a company?
  10. Explain the imminent risks of collusion between auditors and accountants.
  11. How important is the rapid flow of data in the modern age of accounting?
  12. Provide a detailed plan on how businesses can avoid debt.
  13. How to make sure that you take sound accounting decisions?
  14. Name some historical prospects that were responsible for the accounting practices of today.
  15. Explain how IRR affects capital budgeting.

Best Accounting Research Topics

  1. Prepare a case study of consumer satisfaction in the banking sector of any country of your choice.
  2. Why should ethical judgment be implemented at all times in accounting?
  3. Explain the concept of global textual financial statement analysis.
  4. Compare environmental risk disclosure in the case of two British and two German companies.
  5. What is the precise structure of the ideal accounting information systems framework in multinational companies?
  6. Why is investing in the right places necessary for businesses?
  7. Write about managing the future of accounting in second-generation family businesses.
  8. Analyze the role of auditors in preventing economic downfall during the global recession.
  9. Research the determinants of capital structure in an SME framework.
  10. Discuss the important accounting procedures that all businesses need to follow.
  11. What are the challenges that Fair value measurements pose to external audits?
  12. Is it possible to maintain accounting ethics in industries related to radioactive material?
  13. Compare the concepts of risk-based auditing and traditional accounting
  14. Discuss the limitations of developing accounting information systems in developing countries.
  15. What is the role of data management and cloud computing in accounting information systems?
  16. Explain the different options for growth within privately-issued mortgage-backed securities.
  17. Discuss the quantitative accounting techniques and the application of ethical judgment.
  18. Explain the limitation and scope of accounting in the industry of e-commerce.
  19. How is a chartered accountant responsible for debt management within a business firm?
  20. Prepare a study of debt contracts, accounting conservatism, and financial institutions.

Top-quality Accounting Research Topics

  1. Is internet-based accounting software safe for businesses?
  2. Should companies keep their methods of accounting a secret?
  3. How do financial balance sheets help keep accounts in good standing?
  4. Is it better to conduct manual accounting or computerized accounting?
  5. What are the biggest ethical questions in regards to accounting?
  6. As technology evolves should companies make accounting changes?
  7. What are the biggest dilemmas in the ethics of accounting?
  8. How did best practices for accounting develop over time?
  9. What is the most effective method to update accounting systems?
  10. Why should financial reporting have government regulations?
  11. Can the right type of software help a business cut costs?
  12. What are the most convenient aspects of traditional accounting?
  13. Is offshore accounting safe for small businesses with limited budgets?
  14. In what ways are financial disclosures in online finance programs putting users at risk?
  15. How can large corporations reduce the amount of taxes they pay?

Outstanding Accounting Research Topics

  1. How can federal agencies be funded effectively?
  2. Explain the ways to ensure effective financial control in public sector organizations.
  3. Discuss the impact of effective internal audits on the functioning of state ministries.
  4. What are the challenges faced by a diverse accounting office with respect to compatibility?
  5. How to evaluate the effects of electronic data processing in any community bank.
  6. Explain the effects of horizontal and vertical communication in accounting.
  7. Why do women dominate the field of accounting?
  8. Discuss the cultural and racial issues that prevent accounting from being effective.
  9. What are the major legal and ethical considerations in accounting?
  10. How are security prices affected by dividend announcements?
  11. Prepare a study on effective management of working capital in the banking sector.
  12. Have a closer look at resource mobilization and financial intermediation.
  13. Explain the problems of accounting with respect to partnership firms.
  14. Is the current literature available on accounting enough?
  15. Discuss the effect of prudential guidelines in managing the insurance industry.

Latest Accounting Research Topics

  1. How is the retail sector affected by specialist accounting?
  2. What are the best training programs for accounting on the corporate level?
  3. Discuss the biggest limitations of finding a reliable accounting system for online sales.
  4. What are the biggest problems of value and cost faced by managers?
  5. How have new taxation policies affected managerial accounting?
  6. Explain how international markets affect managerial accounting.
  7. Without accounting standards, how would financial statements look in the modern-day?
  8. When should an individual hire a personal financial expert?
  9. Entrepreneurial internet business and the best financial practices.
  10. Explain the differences between European and Islamic banking practices.
  11. What are the biggest problems with normative theories in accounting?
  12. Discuss the causes of the 2008 global financial crisis.
  13. Should small to mid-size companies have separate controlling accounts?
  14. What does one have to do to become a certified accountant?
  15. How safe is mobile accounting technology for personal use?

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