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Frequently Asked Questions for Online Assignment Help

Our customers enquire about various issues and concerns that are related to their dissertations. Some of the questions they ask are most common.

  • Should I be concerned about plagiarism problems?

    Never. You should never be worried about the plagiarism issues in your dissertation. We have tools and systems that ensure dissertations that are completely free from any plagiarism issues. In fact, your work passes through multiple stages of quality checks. These quality checking stages compare the work done in the past, through online sources, and university repositories. We use Turnitin and Safe Assign software to verify the plagiarism. Some universities require that the plagiarism percentage is below 15%. However, our experts always strive to keep it below 5% or 10%. In some cases students get paper with 0% plagiarism.

  • What is the easiest way to get dissertation help?

    The most convenient way to get support for your dissertation is to contact us just after you have received a requirement file from your university. This way you will have lots of time in your hand to recon on the provided work for quality check. Quality work is of utmost importance for good grades. So if you will delay your work from sending us, then you may not get enough time to make amendments in your work. And if you will not amend your work, then it will not be too good for your grades. So the easiest way is to run to us if you need dissertation help when you get the requirement file.

  • Are your dissertation experts available for chat?

    They are not available to do a direct live chat with you, but you can send them your messages through our customer service. Whatever you want to share with them, you can write those down in a notepad or word file and send it to us. Our customer service executive will send those files to the experts. The experts will also send you questions through the customer service if needed. So if you have any concern, send your queries right now to our sales department. They will certainly help you.

  • Where to find my dissertation help login page?

    If you are facing a problem in finding the login page of your dissertation, then click the Login link on the top right of the page. It will take you to the login page where you can enter your username and password. You can bookmark this page whenever you need to login to your dissertation help page. Moreover, if you forget your password in any case, then you can use the Forgot Password link below the login form. This will help you get your new password on your email from which you can login again.

  • Can you give me instant dissertation help?

    Yes we can give you instant dissertation help. Our dissertation service experts are available for urgent orders. You can get your dissertation done within six hours also. If you have a small dissertation of one page or the dissertation that requires less effort, then you can get it done urgently. However, we charge extra for dissertations that are urgent in nature. Therefore, if you purchase the same dissertation within a few days' deadline, then it will cost you less.

  • How to get cheap dissertation help in Australia?

    Our dissertation help service is focused on students who are studying in this country. Therefore, we know that you look for dissertations that are cheaper and also of good quality. Well, if you are looking for cheap help, then you can enjoy our service. We charge less for all our dissertations. In some cases if you have an already completed solution and want to do the work on your own, then you can get it at a far lower rate.

  • What is the cost of dissertation help Sydney?

    The cost of dissertation is the same all over Australia as well as in Sydney. Therefore, whether you are in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, or anywhere else, it will cost you the same amount. We do not differentiate between the customers. It is true that each city has a different cost of living. So someone is living in Byron Bay will have to pay the same amount of money for an dissertation as someone who is from Hobart. Therefore, the cost is equal for all students. So you can take cheap dissertation help without worrying about the price part of your dissertation. If you have any confusion on the pricing of the dissertations, then you can ask our sales agents about it. They will send you all the details you ask.

  • How do your dissertation writers complete work?

    Our dissertation writers follow very straightforward steps to complete the dissertation. After you send the requirement file, they wait for your initial partial payment. After you send the partial payment, they start looking for the reference materials. These reference materials are used to build your dissertation. They also send you some questions in between if needed to provide you better dissertation help. After the work is done, then they conduct a few proofreading and forward the file to the quality team for review. The quality team further assesses the task for quality and after satisfaction you receive the final work.