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The human resources research paper is an academic paper that is primarily written on human resource-related topics. What exactly are human resources? Human Resources is a business organization’s department. It is primarily concerned with resource management activities. Administration, recruitment, and employee training are some of the most common HR activities in an organization.

If you are a student pursuing an MBA in HR Management or any behavioral science courses, you will be required to write an HR research paper on a regular basis. A good topic is essential for writing an HR research paper. In general, human resource is a broad field of study with numerous research topics. As a result, choose a good topic from the infinite HR research topics.

In this blog, you will get to know about the different Human Resources Research Topics which you can choose.

What are the Elements of Writing a Human Resources Research Paper?

If you are wondering how to write a good Human Resources Research paper, then here is a brief outline of critical elements:

  • Introduction: It is the introduction to the research paper. So, describe the topic in the first paragraph and include a strong thesis statement.
  • Literature Review: Mention the implemented literature and studies in this section. Justify the materials or sources used using a theoretical or conceptual framework.
  • Qualitative Methodology: Show the research methods and their scientific relevance in analyzing the setting and describing the objects of study here.
  • Quantitative Methodology: Describe the research design, problem question, and hypotheses in this section.
  • Analysis: Analyze the collected data here in this section.
  • Research Outcomes: In this section, explain the study’s findings.
  • Conclusion: It is the final section of the research paper. Summarize the findings and make recommendations for future research. Also, as you finish, express your thoughts or justify the style you used.


Human Resources Research Topics


Proofread the prepared draft after writing the HR research paper with the aforementioned elements. The first draft is usually riddled with errors. So, revise it thoroughly and correct any grammar, logic, spelling, or punctuation errors. Remember that submitting a flawless research paper can earn you an A+ grade.

Tips for Choosing a best Human Resources Research Topic

As we all know how difficult it is to find a good research paper topics, we’ve provided a few pointers to help you out. Follow the tips below to find good Human Resources research topics.

  • It is best to select a topic in which you are well-versed and you are interested because it will not take up too much of your time and effort.
  • Choose a topic that is not too broad, as you may not be able to cover all of the main points before the deadline.
  • Make sure the topic you choose has relevant evidence from the relevant sources.
  • Choose a topic which is unique and trending and not the regular boring ones.
  • When you choose a topic, make sure that you will be able to provide enough information about the topic.
  • Choose a topic according to your professor’s guidelines as it is really important otherwise you will not able to get the best grade you are looking for.

So, these are some of the points which can help you to choose the best Human Resources Research Topics topic. Make sure to follow them.

List of the Interesting Human Resources Research topics

Consider topics such as recruitment and selection, performance management, career development, HRM, workplace safety, risk management, and so on to write an informative HR research paper.

We have organized the top Human resources research topics into various categories. Go through the entire list and choose a topic that interests you.

Human Resources Research Topics on Recruitment

  1. Using social media sites to source candidates
  2. Can an Employer Perform a Criminal Background Check Without Making a Formal Offer of Employment?
  3. The Importance of the Strategic Recruitment and Selection Process in Meeting an Organisation’s Objectives
  4. The role of CVs when recruiting college students
  5. Factors that affect the HR selection method
  6. The bias in recruiting news team members.
  7. How to attract good employees?
  8. Recruitment and selection process in Family Businesses
  9. What kind of employees are needed for a large company?
  10. The link between the recruitment and selection process and business strategy
  11. How does an HR evaluate a potential recruit?
  12. Recruiting university graduates directly – a good idea or a bad one?
  13. Can a company use a flexible work policy as a retention and recruitment tool?
  14. The role of communication skills during employee acquisition and recruitment.
  15. Pros and cons of online applications for employers

Human Resources Research Topics on Talent Management

  1. Understanding talent management models
  2. Talent management and succession planning
  3. Talent management strategies in the military
  4. Different talent management tools
  5. Learning and development trends beyond the pandemic period
  6. Hiring the most talented personnel from a global marketplace.
  7. Role of recognition programs and leadership development in talent management
  8. The attitude of family-owned businesses on talent management
  9. The role of targeted learning in talent development
  10. The historical context of talent management
  11. Talent management strategies in the hospitality sector
  12. Corporate learning, compensation management, performance management, and recruitment in talent management
  13. Trends of talent management in a globalized society
  14. Should companies automate more or invest in people? An HR paradox
  15. The future of talent management
  16. Talent management in the gig economy

Risk Management and Worker protection Human Resources Research Topics

  1. Reasons to carry out regular internal audits.
  2. The link between training, leadership, and worker protection
  3. Training the workplace to minimize potential risks.
  4. How should HR respond to a legal action taken by an employee
  5. How HR managers can identify and assess risks in the workplace
  6. HR risk management and employee productivity
  7. Is HR there to protect employees or protect the company?
  8. Should employees be allowed to carry guns to the workplace?
  9. Employers should advise employees to get vaccinated against Covid-19
  10. Maintaining the well-being of employees during the covid-19 pandemic

Human Resources Research Topics on Performance Management and Appraisal

  1. Performance planning is critical in the performance management cycle.
  2. Employee motivation and performance evaluation
  3. The Benefits of Having Performance Standards
  4. Feedback’s Importance in Organizations
  5. Are psychological evaluations useful in the hospitality industry?
  6. Performance management and a reward system
  7. Performance evaluation and corporate culture
  8. Benefits of computerized performance management systems
  9. Strategic planning and performance management
  10. How to include employee feedback in organizational decision-making
  11. Performance appraisal’s advantages and disadvantages

Career Development Human Resources Research Topics

  1. Impacts of professional development on employee performance
  2. The link between professional development and turnover
  3. The Impact of a Professional Development Network on Leadership Development
  4. The nexus between professional development and professional stress
  5. Aligning employee development with organizational needs
  6. The impact of professional development on the expertise of middle-level managers
  7. Building a coaching culture in an organization
  8. Aligning employee development with organizational needs
  9. Should companies have professional development policies?
  10. Impact of on-the-job training and stretch assignments on employee performance
  11. The 9-box grid employee assessment
  12. How leaders can become better coaches
  13. Challenges in implementing professional and career development programs
  14. Should organizations invest in continuous professional development courses?
  15. Impact of cross-training on organizational efficiency

Human Resources Research Topics on Equal Employment Opportunity

  1. Best practices for Equal Employment Opportunities
  2. The effect of employee diversity on organizational performance
  3. Equal Employment Opportunity and the Glass ceiling
  4. The Relationship Between Equal Opportunities and Employee Performance
  5. Equal Employment Opportunity and its impact on the increased participation of men and women in the Transport Industry
  6. Direct vs. Indirect workplace discrimination
  7. Role of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
  8. The link between Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity in the workplace
  9. How to handle unfair dismissal
  10. How to incorporate the LGBTI workers without discrimination
  1. Can AI be used to detect a change in behaviour among employees?
  2. The relationship between working remotely and low morale
  3. Is it ethical for HR departments to track how employees use their work devices?
  4. How poor team dynamics affect employee performance
  5. Challenges of working remotely during the COVID-19 lockdowns
  6. The link between low morale and organizational performance
  7. Providing care assistance plan to offset caregiving costs
  8. Why new employees should be oriented
  9. Benefits of using the open workforce such as freelancers and independent contractors
  10. Approaches used to improve candidate experience during recruitment
  11. The importance of aptitude, personality, and skill tests during recruitment
  12. Are background investigations on potential employees necessary?
  13. Impacts of remote working on employee performance during the COVID-19 pandemic
  14. Hostility in the workplace and ethical discrimination against minorities
  15. Use of recruitment marketing by HR departments

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Good Human Resources Research Topics for You

  1. How the boss approach kills employee engagements
  2. How to communicate constructive feedback to a fellow employee
  3. Pros and cons of 360 Degree Feedback
  4. Verbal harassment and bullying of female workers- How do they affect performance?
  5. How organizational climate affects the job satisfaction
  6. Is it better to conduct virtual interviews than in-person interviews?
  7. Is it necessary for smaller, family-owned businesses to have an HR department?
  8. Analyzing and updating the value of a specific job.
  9. Innovative ways to keep morale high during the pandemic.
  10. How big data can help human resources.
  11. Employee dismissal procedure
  12. Job redesign vs. job enhancement
  13. Online recreational activities to foster teamwork while working remotely.
  14. Dealing with overqualified employees
  15. Job rotation vs. job shadowing
  16. The link between employee performance and equal opportunity.
  17. Increasing the number of men and women working in the transportation industry as a result of equal employment opportunity.
  18. Trends in education and development after the epidemic.
  19. community partners’ vital role as a key component of the talent pipeline.
  20. HRIS and high-performance work systems’ effects on workers’ productivity

Useful Human Resources Research Topics for You

  1. professional development’s effects on employee retention
  2. professional growth and turnover are related
  3. Should businesses spend money on continuing education programs?
  4. HRIS as a tactical tool for managing human resources
  5. Making use of HRIS to support training and development

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